ALE 26th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 295

The Beer List

Here's the list of beers which we've ordered.
The bars are arranged thus:
  1. Northern England, Bottled Beers
  2. Eastern England
  3. Wales & Scotland, Ciders & Perries
  4. Southern England
Please go to the appropriate bar for each beer, as each beer is only served from its bar.

We are using oversize glasses, allowing us to serve you a full pint (or half) of beer with plenty of space for the head, so don't expect the beer to overflow as you would have to in order to get value for money in most of Cambridge's pubs.

Finally, please vote for your favourite beers of the Festival. Voting forms are available with the programmes on the glasses counter.

Anyway, here's the actual Beer List, including bottled beers, cider & perry.

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