ALE Monthly No. 211 October 1981


Minutes of the Branch Meeting held in the Waggon and Horses, Cottenham, on Thursday 3 September 1981 at 8 pm.

Apologies for absence were received from: R. Brown and R. Flood.

  1. Minutes of theprevious meeting. The Branch Meeting due to be held on Thursday 6 August 1981 had been abandoned as inquorate
  2. Matters arising from earlier meetings. A. Millns thanked all those had completed GBG 1982 survey forms.
  3. Correspondence. The Branch had been asked to comment on the appointment to the vacant Area Organiser post; it was agreed that we should reply that, for a number of reasons, the position might be scrapped. Copies of August's Branch Bulletin were made available. A. Millns had received details of Hi-Gene handpumps; a letter from the Tolly Cobbold Brewery Liaison Officer outlining that company's now excellent real ale position (77% of their houses are 'real'); he circulated a leaflet describing a new cask CO2 replacement system which appears to have certain attractions but awaits an official CAMRA declaration; he was present at an official tasting of conically-fermented Bass and was unable to distinguish it from the Union product. The St. Neots Branch has suggested that a further edition of Real Ale in Cambridgeshire should appear in 1982. It was also proposed that an Ale supplement should be produced simply listing all real ale outlets and their beers in the Cambridge Branch's area.
  4. Treasurer's report. The 1981 Cambridge Beer Festival books are up to date.
  5. Green King. The Branch has been informed of recent tied house converts to the real thing, and the brewery appears to have adopted a more agreeable attitude so far as CAMRA is concerned. Nevertheless, Yeoman had been launched upon an undeserving public.
  6. Ale. 2200 copies of the newsletter are now produced monthly. Its distribution will be examined at the next Committee Meeting. More articles are required from the Ely Section. N. Watson announced his intention to relinquish Editorship at the next AGM.
  7. Dates of future meetings were established, including an agreement in principle that the 9th CBF should take place between 21-24 July 1982.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 10.13 pm.

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