ALE Monthly No. 211 October 1981

Two Yorkie Bars

Yet another real ale is now available in the Cambridge area - or will be by the time you read this.

Once again it is Watney's who are taking the lead - this time it is with Webster's Yorkshire Bitter, all the way from Halifax. I understand that the beer is, in fact, their Pennine Bitter (OG 1037. 5) which has been renamed for the benefit of us Southerners who are no good at geography. If this is the case, then my recollections of Pennine Bitter are that it is a most palatable pint indeed. It is being brought from the Fountain Head Brewery by tanker to the Norwich Brewery where it is put into converted kegs and distributed to mainly Norfolk and Suffolk. Several pubs in our area will receive it in keg form, so beware.

The first two real "Yorkie-Bars" in our area are West End House in St Mary's St., Ely and The Fox at Burwell.

The West End House was one of the first pubs in the area to take Castle Bitter over two years ago. Landlord Guy Dockerill takes a pride in his beer and Norwich Bitter is his best-seller, so it is natural that his pub should be one of the first to take Yorkshire.

The Fox at Burwell is simply a superb pubo Tony and June Davies were recently awarded the title of Regional Landlord and Landlady of the Year by the brewery, and they shortly go forward into the national contest. One visit to the pub is enough to see why the beer is first cla s, the bars comfortable, and the atmosphere congenial.

Judging by Norwich Brewery's track record, if Yorkshire Bitter sells well, then it will be introduced into many more pubs.

Nigel Watson

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