ALE Easter 1996 No. 283

Nick Winnington Writes...

December 1995

I am now the Chairman of the Cambridge and District Branch of CAMRA. The issues facing the campaign are important to me. For the very small investment of 1 per month you too can become involved, or even just lend your name to one of the most successful consumer organisations in history.

But how real is your beer?

Does it have a cask breather to falsely prolong its active life by applying gas? Is your favourite mellow southern-brewed ale served through a northern style swan-neck with a tight sparkler? This radically alters the beer's character in the name of presentation, and is frequently unhygenic. [See Wring the Swan's Neck for full details of this flavour buster.]

Has your local had fake handpumps foisted upon it in an attempt to persuade you the cider is real? Is your country local threatened with closure, or has it been tarted up out of all recognition, leaving you feeling unwelcome or, at best, out of place? Have you been taken in by the tacky promotional offers surrounding the cold bland nitrokegs such as Caffreys and Kilkenny?

These are the issues CAMRA takes on board. We need fresh blood to help us continue to be a fighting force. Come along to a meeting - see the Branch diary. Locally we are currently concerned that there are too many beer exhibition pubs trying to sell too many different real ales. Something has to suffer: invariably this is quality.

For an informal chat about things, over an exemplary pint, call into The Cambridge Blue in Gwydir St, the Branch's 1995 Pub of the Year.

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