ALE Spring 1996 No. 284

A First for Greene King?

Tim Bridge, the M.D of Greene King, caused a cheer in the Cock at Castle Camps (free house) the other week. He had been into the Three Hills, Bartlow (a pub he has been using for about 20 years) for a quick Sunday evening beer. He was told that if he wasn't eating, he couldn't have one. On asking the landlady if she knew who he was, he was told that she didn't care who he was, he was not getting a beer.

Tim left and went to the Cock with a face like thunder. The cheer was from all the other regulars of the Three Hills, who had been banned as well.

The couple at the Three Hills had a yearly review meeting with the Area Manager the following week. Tim stood in for him. Two new faces are checking the Bar Work board at the Job Centre.


Cambridge Evening News, 21st June

A new couple, Dave and Jan Simpkins, are now in charge and customers have already commented the atmosphere is much improved.

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