ALE August/September 1996 No. 285

The Great Beer Belly Flop

[A follow-up trip to the Great British Beer Festival]

Well, we have done it again. This time we went with Ian Henderson, late of The Prince Albert. We had a larger party including my accountant, who wanted to see why I should claim these trips as business expenses. His expenses will show him entertaining a client (me). We arrived with our tongues hanging out, grabbed our glasses and set to with gusto.

Agog with the choice, we kept tasing. Perhaps they should start using the third of a pint measure. We kept nudging each other with each new find before diving off to the Thai food area. While we noshed, we watched John Otway. As before we saw the silly hats; one of our party succumbed and bought one. Was this a better buy than a balsa parrot without a beak?

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