ALE August/September 1996 No. 285

The Cambridge & District Beer Festival

A Zoider Drinker's Eye-View

Day 1 - Started by sampling the perries and liked them all. Rounded off with a forgotten beer.

Day 2 - Noticed the Crones perry and discovered it's better than their ciders - pears are a mellower fruit. Went on to the ciders - had a pleasant time. Rounded off with a Zingibeer.

Day 3 - Finished sampling the ciders. Finally let myself get to the truly yummy Cassels and the familiar friendly Theobolds.

Day 4 - Moved behind the bar to put all that knowledge to work. Busy evening. Soon converted the punters to a fondness for Cassels and Theobolds and introduced many to the mellow delight of pears. Franklins ahead in the popularity stakes. Got converted to Lyne Down.

Day 5 - Took a bit of getting used to the rush - only had time for 3 pints in six hours. Franklins bit the dust. Crones Perry firmly under way. Cassels and Theobolds surprised no-one by running out. Our only medium-sweet and sweet ciders were subject to mad rushes, so Crossmans and Hecks joined the death list. Punters started hitting the Crones and managed to finish the Nouveau just before closing. Sat nursing the Lyne Down till midnight.

Day 6 - Got in around half five to find the Crones all gone and only one cask each of five ciders and four perries, plus a spare of the Lyne Down left. When West Croft ran out, we found a spare round the back. I made the disastrous blunder of telling the punters how yummy the Lyne Down was, so ended up having to persuade the management round the back to save the last of it for the staff party. Problem was after two days of Lyne Down, nothing else tasted so good any more.

The nearest we got to trouble was some brewheads guzzling cider. Easy to recognize this crowd as they always announce themselves with "what's your stongest cider?" At 6-8% we beat the beers hands down, so we had to put up with the brewheads. Gave us something to laugh at anyway.

Day 7 - Excellent staff party, including the last of the Lyne Down. Now I know why I volunteered. Left looking forward to next year.


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