ALE November 1998 No. 292

Cambridge & District Branch AGM 1998

Notice of Branch AGM

8pm 24th November 1998
University Sports & Social Club, Mill Lane, Cambridge

All Branch members are cordially invited to the meeting. Nominations for the committee (with proposer & seconder) and any motions for debate should be sent to the Secretary by 20th November 1998.

Draft Agenda

(Quorum: 7 Branch members)
  1. Minutes of the previous AGM and matters arising.
  2. Chairman's Report.
  3. Secretary's Report.
  4. Treasurer's Report.
  5. ALE Editor's Report.
  6. Beer Festival Reports.
  7. Campaigning.
  8. Appointment of auditors.
  9. Motions for debate.
  10. Branch Committee Elections.
  11. Any Other Business.

University Sports & Social Club

The USSC in Mill Lane, Cambridge, has just had another of its excellent 15-or-so barrel beer festivals, this time featuring mainly new (or newish hereabouts) breweries. For the first time for years they found that all the beers were completely clear upon tapping the barrels, after being stillaged & spiled three days before. Usually a few are cloudy for a while. Perhaps this was a result of the recent cold weather?

The new Potton Brewery (Beds.) was the star of the show, with its very tasty Shambles (4.3%) and Phoenix (3.8%). The previous brewery in Potton closed in 1921. The new one was founded by two staff of the former GK Biggleswade plant, Clive Towner and Bob Hearson. The other breweries represented were Oldershaw (Grantham), Dark Horse (Hertford), Riverhead (Huddersfield), Hook Norton, Jennings, Ridleys and Woodfordes.

Anyone willing to pay 4 and find a member as proposer is welcome to join the USSC - they stock good real ales, there are special events (such as beer festivals), two full-size snooker tables and rooms bookable for private functions.

There may be a mini beer festival on during the AGM.

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