ALE 26th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 295

The Cheese List

Here's the list of cheeses on order for the food counter, with their availability.


Caerphilly Tue-Sat
Now made outside Wales in 9lb wheels and matured for about six weeks. A flaky-textured, delicately-flavoured cheese.
Cheddar (Quicke's Gold Prize Winner) All week
Made in 60lb drums, wrapped in layers of cheesecloth and matured for twelve to fifteen months. This is a firm cheese with a strong, sharp flavour. This year our cheddar again comes from Quicke's Farms, a specialist cheese-maker of Newton St Cyres in Devon.
Cheddar - Black Waxed Vegetarian All week
A mature cheddar made in the traditional way but without the rennet.
Cheshire All week
Made in 36lb drums, wrapped in cheesecloth and matured for six to eight weeks. This crumbly cheese has a mild tang due to the salt springs which run under the pastures, flavouring the milk.
Lancashire (Grandma Singleton's Red Waxed) Tue - Sat
Made in 16lb tapered moulds, wrapped in cheesecloth and wax and matured for three months. More moist and darker than Cheddar with a medium to strong flavour.
Wensleydale All week
Made in 16-18lb drums wrapped in cheesecloth and matured for six weeks. This cheese is firm in texture and has a strong flavour with a decided bite.


Double Gloucester All week
Made in millstones of 28lbs, wrapped in muslin and cheesecloth and matured for six to eight weeks. A firm but moist cheese with a rich, creamy texture.
Red Cheshire All week
A natural red dye is added to the curds.
Red Leicester All week
Made in 28lb millstones, wrapped in muslin and cheesecloth and matured for eight to twelve weeks. The bright hue comes from a natural dye. A semi-hard cheese with a flaky texture and a clean, fresh flavour.


Cashel Irish Blue All week
A rich, soft, creamy cheese from Beechmount Fethard, Co. Tipperary. Richly flavoured from the blue veining and lingers well on the palate.
Shropshire Blue Tue - Sat
Made in 18lb cylindrical moulds and matured for sixteen to eighteen weeks. Made in a similar way to Stilton but a natural dye is used to give it its distinctive hue.
Stilton All week
Made in 18lb cylinders, it takes eighteen weeks to ripen, mature and produce a natural crust. Stilton is a soft white cheese which is pierced to allow air to penetrate and produce the blue mould. A rich creamy flavour with added bite from the blue veining.
Wensleydale Blue Tue - Sat
A hand-crafted cheese in 16-18lb drums wrapped in cheesecloth and matured for 15-18 weeks. It has distinctive blue veining with a firm texture and rich flavour.


Sage Derby All week
Made in 9lb wheels. Crushed sage leaves are added to the curd. The colour and flavour from the sage marbles through the cheese during six to eight weeks maturation.


Melton Intrigue Mon & Fri Eve
Red Wensleydale with Blueberries Mon & Fri Eve
Arran Goat Cheeses Tue Lunch & Fri Eve
Hand-made, mildly-flavoured soft white cheeses.
Cornish Yarg Tue Lunch & Fri Eve
A soft white cheese wrapped in nettle leaves and matured in a shallow circular mould.
Quantock Blue Tue & Fri Eve
A soft blue ewes' milk cheese.
Windsor Red Tue & Fri Eve
Hatherton Wed Lunch & Fri Eve
A white crumbly cheese shot through with spring onions.
Exmoor Blue Wed Lunch & Fri Eve
A soft blue cheese made with milk from a herd of pedigree Jersey cows.
Single Gloucester Wed & Fri Eve
A firmly-textured, creamy white cheese with a distinctive flavour.
White Stilton With Apricots Wed & Fri Eve
This is the basic cheese from which blue Stilton is made, with apricots adding a delicate flavour and maturing in 3-4 weeks.
Swaledale Thu Lunch & Fri Eve
A firm white highly-flavoured ewes' milk cheese.
Ribblesdale Goat Cheese Thu Lunch & Fri Eve
A hard white cheese, very stringly and sharply flavoured.
Tewkesbury Thu & Fri Eve
Dorset Blue Thu & Fri Eve
Innkeepers' Choice Fri Lunch & Eve
Smoked Cheddar Fri Lunch & Eve

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