ALE 27th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 298

The Beer List

144 different beers

We are using oversize glasses, allowing us to serve you a full pint (or half) of beer with plenty of space for the head.

ALES OF KENT (Chatham, Kent, May 1999) *
Wealden Wonder (3.7%) - smooth, citrus ale with hoppy aroma.
Smugglers Mild (3.9%) - a dark mild ale, lightly hopped with Kent grown hops.
Stiltman (4.3%) - rich fruity notes and aroma from First Gold and Fuggles hops.
Smugglers Glory (4.8%) - dark, smooth ale with chocolate undertones.
BARTRAM (Thurston, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, 1999)
Red Queen IPA (3.9%)
Damson Stout (4.8%)
Cherry Stout (4.8%) - Champion Beer of the Festival
BATEMAN (Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, 1874)
XB (3.7%)
Twin Towers (4.0%) - brewed to mark the end of the twin towers of Wembley Stadium.
Miss Whiplash (4.2%) - monthly beer for May
BERKELEY (Berkeley, Gloucestershire, 1994) #
Old Friend (3.8%) - a hoppy aroma introduces this golden, fruity, hoppy beer which has a gentle hoppy, bitter finish.
Dicky Pearce (4.3%) - a copper-coloured best bitter, with a hoppy aroma; a good balance of hop and malt in the mouth leads to a rich, bittersweet aftertaste.
BLANCHFIELD'S (Fakenham, Norfolk, Nov. 1997) *
Black Bull Mild (3.6%) - a dark mellow mild.
Hi-Hop Bitter (4.1%) - dry-hopped at racking to give a full hop flavour.
Raging Bull (4.9%) - a dark red full malt flavour.
White Bull (4.4%) - a summer wheat beer.
BREWSTER'S (Stathern, Leicestershire, Jan. 1998) *
Brewster is the old English term for a female brewer, derived from the times when women used to brew and sell most of the ale drunk in England; Sara Barton is a modern example. Set up in the Vale of Belvoir, with equipment from the defunct Wylye Valley
Monty's Mild (4.0%) - a full-bodied dark mild made with a blend of pale, chocolate and crystal malts as well as torrified wheat. Lightly hopped with Progress hops for a smooth and very drinkable pint.
Brewster's Hophead (3.6%) - a pale and hoppy spring brew, a very refreshing session beer.
Brewster's Serendipity (4.3%) - the Serendipity beer is changed every month or so as the brewer tries out new recipes
BUFFY'S (Tivetshall St Mary, Norfolk, 1993)
Norwich Terrier (3.6%)
Bitter (3.9%)
Polly's Folly (4.3%)
Hop Leaf (4.5%)
IPA (4.6%)
CALEDONIAN (Edinburgh, 1987) #
Deuchars IPA (3.8%) - a tasty, refreshing amber-coloured session beer; hops and malt are evident, and are balanced by fruit throughout. The lingering aftertasete is delightfully bitter and hoppy.
Caley 80/- Ale (4.1%) - a predominantly malty, copper-coloured beer, well balanced by hop and fruit; a complex Scottish heavy with the hop characteristics of a best bitter.
Golden Promise (5.0%) - an organic beer, pale in colour, with pronounced hop character, floral and fruity on the nose.
CHALK HILL (Norwich, 1993) #
Chalk Hill Best (4.2%) - a pleasantly well-balanced, tawny-coloured session beer. Easily drinkable, with no outstanding flavours but a strong yeast aroma.
Flintknappers Mild (5.0%) - a fruity aroma leads to a soft, malty flavour with some hints of roast; longish, bitter finish. Dark ruby-red in colour.
CITY OF CAMBRIDGE (Cambridge, May 1997) *
Boathouse Bitter (3.8%) - a light copper coloured session bitter, quenching and dry. A pleasant aroma created from the distinctive floral and citrus 'Cascade' hops.
Jet Black (3.7%) - 1998 Champion Beer at this festival. A unique style black beer, mild but full in flavour and body.
Hobson's Choice (4.1%) - 1997 Champion beer at this festival. One of the 1998 Good Beer Guide's 'Beers of the Year', also finalist at the GBBF at Olympia. Bronze award in the English Ale Awards in 1999. A light golden bitter with a refreshing bitter after taste.
Blend 42 (4.4%) - their first blend, consisting of their two best-selling beers to create an unique smooth flavour. A pleasing golden colour with a refreshing aftertaste.
Atom Splitter (4.7%) - an amber coloured beer with plenty of character. Bursting with 'First Gold' hoppiness.
Darwins Downfall (5.0%) - a blended ruby-golden coloured beer. Hoppy with a fruity character and a refreshing citrus aftertaste.
Parkers Porter (5.3%) - a dark rich ruby coloured fruity flavour bitter with a tangy aftertaste.
Bramling Traditional (5.5%) - finalist at the 1997 Winter Beer Festival; made with Bramling Cross hop rarely used nowadays, very fruity and delicious.
COX & HOLBROOK (Great Finborough, Suffolk, 1998)
Bouy's Bitter (3.3%)
Crown Dark Mild (3.6%)
Old Mill Bitter (3.8%)
Session Bitter (4.0%)
Stormwatch (5.0%)
Prentice Strong Dark Ale (7.0%)
ELGOOD (Wisbech, Cambs, 1877) *
Black Dog Mild (3.6%) - a traditional dark mild with malt and hops well balanced, giving a pleasant aroma and splendid roasted, bitter flavours. Champion beer of East Anglia 1998. Champion beer Peterborough Beer Festival 1998/99. Great British Beer Festival Silver Medal 1998.
Cambridge Bitter (3.8%) - malty and fruity with a delicious hop aroma, a dry finish to the palate and moreish taste.
Double Swan (4.5%) - a pale premium quality cask ale with a dry final palate.
FENLAND (Chatteris, Cambs, 1997)
Helter-Skelter (4.4%)
Doctors Orders (5.0%)
FREEMINER (Coleford, Gloucestershire) #
Bitter (4.0%) - a light, hoppy bitter with a wonderful hop aroma and a very dry, hoppy finish. Very moreish
Iron Brew (4.2%)
Speculation Ale (4.8%) - an aromatic, chestnut-brown beer with a smooth, well-balanced mix of malt and hops and a predominantly hoppy aftertaste.
Gold Standard (5.0%) - a new addition to the range made with First Gold hop variety.
GOACHERS (Maidstone, Kent) #
Fine Light Ale (3.7%) - a pale ale, golden brown session bitter with a strong, floral, hoppy aroma and aftertaste.
Best Dark Ale (4.1%) - an intensely bitter beer, balanced by a moderate maltiness, with a complex aftertaste.
Gold Star (5.1%) - a pale ale, full-flavoured.
GOFF'S (Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, 1994) #
Knight Rider (3.6%)
Jouster (4.0%) - a very drinkable, tawny-coloured ale, with a light hoppiness in the aroma and a good balance of malt and bitterness in the mouth, underscored by fruitiness, with a clean, hoppy aftertaste.
Fallen Knight (4.4%)
GREEN DRAGON (Bungay, Suffolk, 1991) - not yet delivered as of Sunday morning
Chaucer Bitter (3.7%)
Bridge Street Bitter (4.5%)
GREEN JACK (Lowestoft, Suffolk, 1993) #
Green Jack Mild (3.0%)
Canary (3.8%) - golden yellow, fruity pale ale with a clean, hoppy-fruit palate ending dry and hoppy.
Orange Wheat Beer (4.2%)
Gone Fishing (5.0%)
GREEN TYE (Much Hadham, Herts. 1999) *
Green Tye IPA (3.7%) - copper coloured bitter, strong hops in the mouth and aftertaste. Hoppy aroma with clean-tasting dry finish.
Wheelbarrow (4.3%) - mid-copper colour with soft fruity nose and taste. Gentle malt with hop bitterness, dry finish with hops.
Mad Morris (4.2%) - aromatic nose produced by new hybrid hop strain; light and dry.
Coal Porter (4.5%) - chocolaty taste with a liquorice aftertaste.
HART (Little Eccleston, Lancashire, 1994) #
Cleo's Asp (3.8%) - a smooth golden brew with a light, fruity aroma, a slow burst of fruit and hop flavours and a restrained, dry, hoppy finish. Very drinkable.
Gold Beach (3.8%)
Siren (4.5%)
Road to Rome (5.0%) - originally brewed for CAMRA's 25th anniversary, now a permanent addition to the range; a rich, ruby-red beer with a full malt flavour and a sweet aftertaste.
HUMPTY DUMPTY (Reedham, Norfolk, 1999) *
Humpty Dumpty Mild (3.5%) - a mild ale but not lacking in flavour.
Nord Atlantic (3.7%) - a nice red session ale.
Tender Behind (4.0%) - a "spicy Wheat Beer" brewed with coriander.
Butt Jumper (4.8%) - a medium brown sweetish malty ale.
HYDES' (Manchester, 1863) #
Hair Raid (4.2%) - Hydes third beer in their "T'ALE of the CENTURY" series.
Manchester Mild (3.5%) - a lightly-hopped amber-coloured session beer, with malt and a refreshing lemon fruitiness and a brief, but dry finish.
ICENI (Ickburgh, Norfolk, 1995) *
Red, White & Blueberry (4.0%) - the taste of wild blueberries and American Cascade hops.
Ported Porter (4.4%) - packed with taste; a bottle of port is added to each cask.
Good Night Out (4.5%) - the full bodied beer is amber in colour; a very good drink, flavoured with half a bottle of port per firkin (9 gallons) for that 'good night out'!
True Cask Lager (5.0%) - a real cask conditioned lager using lager malt, lager yeast and three different Continental hops.
Raspberry Wheat (5.0%) - an American style ale, delicately flavoured with summer fruits; made with Harsbrucker hops and wheat and lager malt.
JENNINGS (Cockermouth, Cumbria, 1828) #
Cocker Hoop (4.8%) - a full-flavoured, malty beer with a pronounced hop flavour and a complex bitter aftertaste.
Sneck Lifter (5.1%) - a very dark bitter, with a rich, full malt flavour, followed by a smooth and mellow mixture of malt and hop in the aftertaste.
KENT GARDEN (Faversham, Kent, October 1998)
Corn Rose (3.6%)
Happy Major (4.0%)
LIDSTONES (Wickhambrook, nr. Newmarket, April 1998) *
Rowley Mild (3.2%) - judged Champion mild at last year's Festival
Thirstquencher (3.6%) - a darker-than-straw coloured fruity bitter with a fresh taste and aroma.
Hoppy Top (3.9%) - a straw coloured dry bitter with masses of hop aroma.
Suffolk Draught (4.3%) - a lovely straw coloured beer brewed with great depth of character with a strong hop/fruit aroma.
Storm Brew (5.0%) - a darkish bitter with loads of flavour to balance the hoppiness.
Colquhoun's Dark Mischief (4.5%) - a black, dry, strong stout, aromatic and comforting.
Lidstones Old Ale (5.5%) - a very strong ale with a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness.
MILTON (Milton, Cambridge, Sept. 1999) *
Minotaur (3.3%) - a rich dark mild with bags of character from the lavish use of chocolate malt.
Jupiter (3.5%) - a golden session beer with a hoppy flavour leading to a satisfying bitter finish.
Neptune (3.8%) - a pleasantly hoppy aroma to this crisp, nutty, copper coloured ale.
Pegasus (4.1%) - a omplex copper-coloured beer; the initial hoppiness is balanced with a long fruity, malty finish; very moreish.
Pyramid (4.4%) - first of the Seven Wonders Series; bronze in colour, powerfully hoppy, this special beer has a wonderful complex bitter orange flavour, with a lasting bitter finish.
Electra (4.5%) - golden colour, hoppy aroma, with a biscuity malt flavour balanced by a strong and lasting bitterness.
Cyclops (5.3%) - deep copper coloured strong ale, with a rich hoppy aroma, full body, fruit and malt notes develop in the finish; uses three different malts and four different hops.
MOOR (Bridgewater, Somerset, 1996)
Merlin's Magic (4.3%)
Income Tax (4.3%)
OAKHAM (Peterborough, 1993) #
JHB (3.8%) - delightful, thirst quenching, straw-coloured brew with a distinctive, fresh, floral and grassy hop character on the nose and palate.
White Dwarf (4.3%) - wheat beer.
Chaos (4.4%)
OLD CHIMNEYS (Diss, Norfolk, 1995) *
Military Mild (3.3%) - a moreish dark mild.
Swallow Tail (3.7%) - hops dominate over a toffy, nutty flavour.
Fen Shui (4.0%) - brewed with a hint of yin and yang, their newest and lightest bitter.
Black Rat Stout (4.4%) - full-bodied with much roast character.
Nightingale (4.3%) - medium strength dry hopped bitter, available in springtime to coincide with the local arrival of these migratory birds.
Golden Pheasant (4.7%) - strong pale summer bitter, dry hopped with English Goldings.
Dotted Fan-Foot (7.8%) - dark, rich barley wine, matured for several months before being released.
OLDERSHAW (Grantham, Lincolnshire, Jan. 1997) *
Newton's Drop (4.1%) - a golden/amber coloured distinctive hoppy beer brewed using the new dwarf 'First Gold' hop.
Regal Blond (4.4%) - cask-conditioned lager, brewed with Czech and German hops to produce a good hop aroma.
High Dyke (3.9%) - a golden bitter, fairly bitter and hoppy. Made with Willamette, Mount Hood, Fuggles and Cascade Hops.
Ahtanum Gold (4.3%) - a golden coloured bitter best generously hopped with Ahtanum hops from New Zealand and late hoped with Mount Hood.
Sunnydaze (4.0%) - a wheat beer brewed with 40% wheat giving a refreshing and hoppy taste, fined bright.
PLASSEY (Wrexham, 1985) #
Royal Welch Fusilier (4.5%)
Cwrw Tudno (5.0%) - more fruity than the bitter; well-balanced, with a good, dry aftertaste.
POTTON (Potton, Beds, 1998) *
Shannon IPA (3.6%) - a traditional IPA style beer, light and 'quaffable'.
Bunny Hops (4.1%) - Easter ale
Pride of Potton (6.0%) - strong, warming and dry hopped.
Web Wizard (4.8%)
RIDLEY (Chelmsford, 1842) #
ESX Best (4.3%) - harmonious malt and hops dominate the taste of this best bitter, with a hint of fruit. Hops just gain over malt in the finish.
Rumpus (4.5%) - a tawny, malty beer with a developing fruitiness and a bittersweet balance, becoming dryer, with hops in the finish.
St PETER'S (Bungay, Suffolk, 1996)
Organic Ale (4.5%)
Lemon & Ginger Spiced Ale (4.7%)
Cream Stout (6.5%)
TINDALL (Bungay, Suffolk, 1988) *
Tindall Ales Brewery is a family-run business, established in October 1998, and is situated on the edge of the medieval Tindall Wood.
Tindall Ale Extra (4.5%) - a slightly darker ale with extra colour, taste and strength.
Tindall Mild (3.7%) - a good dark mild.
Resurrection (3.8%) - A lighter ale using Cascade hops for a fruitier finish. (New for spring)
TIPSY TOAD (St Peter's Village, Jersey, 1992)
Jimmy's Bitter (4.2%)
MMAD Toad (4.8%)
TRING (Tring, Hertfordshire, 1992) *
Side Pocket for a Toad (3.6%) - unmistakable citrus notes from only the best Cascade hops balanced with a floral aroma and crisp dry finish make this straw coloured ale a fantastic session beer.
Jack O'Legs (4.2%) - a combination of four types of malt and two types of aroma hops provide a copper coloured premium ale with full fruit and a distinctive hoppy bitterness.
Colley's Dog (5.2%) - dark but not over rich, strong yet very drinkable, this premium ale has a long dry finish with overtones of malt and walnuts.
ULEY (Dursley, Gloucestershire, reopened 1985) #
Hogshead Costwold Pale Ale (3.5%) - a pale-coloured, hoppy session bitter with a good hop aroma and a full flavour for its strength, ending in a bittersweet aftertaste.
Old Ric (4.5%) - a full-flavoured, Hoppy bitter with some fruitiness and a smooth, balanced finish. Distinctively copper-coloured.
WOLF (Attleborough, Norfolk, 1996) *
Coyote Bitter (4.3%) - full-bodied premium straw pale ale. Refreshing, leaving a lingering hop and bitter taste, very morish.
Timber Wolf (5.8%) - dark, rich malty beer. Genuine falling-down water!
WOODFORDE'S (Woodbastwick, Norwich 1980) *
Wherry Best Bitter (3.8%) - well balanced amber beer, flowery hop aroma. Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 1996/97. Champion Bitter Beer of Britain (Bronze) 1999/2000.
4-4-2 (4.42%) - produced for the end of the football season.
Norkie (5.0%) - a 5% pale coloured beer that is made with a proportion of lager malt. This shows through as a long malty finish that balances the clear hop flavour.

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