ALE Spring 2001 No. 301

Whenever you buy a pint... Always remember to... Ask If It's Cask

Ask If It's Cask

Well, in the Kingston Arms, our Pub of the Year, you'll be certain of the answer yes!

Ask If It's Cask is a major campaign (the biggest generic promotion of beer for fifty years), funded by donations from CAMRA members and branches plus support from the trade such as SIBA members. It's to promote real ale as a tastier choice, particularly among the younger drinkers targeted by the usual big brewery campaigns.

The local angle will also feature prominently, pushing the merits of distinctive local brews.

Hundreds of advertising billboards will be launched throughout the country, supported by leaflets and posters in pubs.

Our local brewers have agreed to participate and distribute publicity material. By the time you read this we hope to have had a local press launch at our Pub of the Year.

[Follow-up in ALE 304].

Culture Shock

A recent CAMRA survey of British pub-going habits found that 30% of men would most like to be seen drinking real ale in a pub. Although 31% of men prefer lager, real ale appears to be growing in popularity, in spite of the lack of marketing.

Other findings include:

A 1998 survey found that 61% of real ale drinkers visit a pub at least twice a week - so it pays for landlords to be serious about real ale.

The culture of swilling branded fizz and alcopops is very different from that of sampling high-quality beers. Perhaps it's a dream but if the youth drinking culture could be altered even a little bit...

We return to this subject later on.

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