ALE 28th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 302


The Foreign Beer Bar

Welcome to the 3rd Foreign Bar of the Cambridge Beer Festival. There have been quite a few changes in the beer range this year and we should have some draught beers in full strength, new Dutch micro brewery beers, as well as two Kolsch beers from Cologne in Germany. Although it looks like a lagered beer, and tastes rather like one, it is in fact a top-fermented ale. We also have some old favourites, such as Orval, Rochefort, Lambics and Schnieder Weisse, but some other beers new to the bar which are well worth trying.

Please do experiment by trying different beers. More detailed information about the beers will be provided in a booklet, which is available from the Foreign Beer bar. Please ask for a copy.

Now for the bad bit, the Bar Rules to be obeyed please.

  1. No drinking from the bottle. All beer will be poured into your glass. No glass, no service.
  2. Bottles do not leave the bar opened. This is a safety measure designed to protect you, as well as the bottle costing us a deposit. Please do not ask to take an opened bottle away from the bar as a refusal often offends. You can take away unopened bottles only if you are leaving the festival immediately after buying them. If you want some put by, then we will do this for you, and keep them for you until you leave.
  3. Enjoy yourselves. If you have any questions, and we are not busy, then please ask. The staff like talking about beer!
On Friday afternoon there is an Introduction to Belgian beer tasting session. For tickets and information please ask at the Foreign Beer bar.

If you find some beers you like, you can get them in Cambridge. Just visit the Jug and Firkin (Bacchanalia) in Mill Road. If he doesn't have what you want in stock, he might be able to get it for you.

Also, if you are visiting the Low Countries or Amsterdam in the near future, please check out the Products stand for Tim Webb's Guide to Belgium and Holland, and Hugh Shipman's Serious Drinkers Guide to Amsterdam. There is also a CAMRA guide to Northern France.

Happy drinking!

ALE 28th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 302
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