ALE 28th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 302


Memorial Bars

This year we have dedicated two bars to the memory of two long-standing and valued festival volunteers who have died in the last year.

Leslie Raine was an enthusiastic and jovial bar worker, and a popular colleague, who had graced both summer and winter festivals with his flat cap for many years. He passed away last summer.

As readers of the last ALE will know, we also lost Christian Muteau in February. Christian made a valuable contribution not only to both Cambridge festivals, but to CAMRA festivals all over the country, and the Campaign as a whole has lost a good friend. As scorer for the Lords and Commons Cricket Club, his passing was also noted in Parliament. He was also a tireless charity worker, and it is in his memory that the festival organisers have again chosen on of his favourite charities, Get Kids Going!, as our official charity this year.
[Jane Emmerson and Christian Muteau] Jane Emmerson, Chief Exec. of Get Kids Going, and Christian Muteau
[logo] Get Kids Going! Turning dreams into reality
Sport and mobility for disabled children.

So if you have any pennies left over at the end of the evening, please put them in one of the collection boxes.

ALE 28th Cambridge Beer Festival No. 302
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