ALE Summer 2001 No. 303

Cambridge Food & Ale Weekend 2001

The `Secret' Festival

Saturday - Sunday 7/8 July

Well, Cambridge & District CAMRA were there: lots of hard work went into setting up plenty of delicious local beers in the spacious Corn Exchange. (There were 18 beers in all, including the launch of Milton Nero - see Brewery News.)

We also had plenty of volunteers on hand to serve the crowds of thirsty shoppers that we had been led to believe would show up.

Only they didn't.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the City Council Leisure folk, whose event this was, didn't manage to get the message to the people, so even if there were hordes of thirsty shoppers out there in the drizzle, they didn't know that we were inside, in the dry, ready and willing to provide them with something to take their minds off the weather. Our peak attendance was around 80 about mid-afternoon on the Saturday!

Thanks go to the Corn Exchange staff for their hospitality, and, as usual, to all our volunteers, including those who turned up to work and ended up being punters instead (this helped boost numbers, at least!).

There have been many comments that the following weekend's festivities on Parkers Piece were also poorly advertised.

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