ALE Autumn 2001 No. 304

Letter: Cambridge Beer

From: Hugh Paterson

Sent: 23 October 2001 09:05


Cc: Paul Ainsworth,

Subject: Beer

Dear Sir

I would like to make a complaint/comment (whichever garners the greatest attention) regarding the standard of beer and ale, in general, in Cambridge.

It is very poor.

You must have noticed this, whoever reads this must concur. What I would like to know is what will be done to ensure that the beer in Cambridge improves? Ad Hoc indicates that the price of beer is only 15p cheaper, on average, than London prices making it some of the most expensive beer in the whole country. The standard is very bad.

Being a Student in Cambridge for three years, and working for one, I have have enjoyed many many excellent nights out in the City. Such experiences are almost always blighted by the appalling standard of Lager Beer and Ales etc in Cambridge pubs. All of my friends and work associates agree, that the beer in Cambridge is terrible. It is common knowledge. This is a sad fact.

90% of all drinking establishments in Cambridge serve lifeless stale beer consistently and predictably.

Beer in Cambridge is very expensive. This is to be expected - to a certain extent - as Cambridge is expensive in general. BUT elsewhere in Cambridge you pay for what you get. Therefore expensive almost always equals good. Not so with beer. Expensive means nothing, the beer is always dishearteningly awful.

I would like to know what would will be done.

We have to be strict. Please name one other service industry where the quality of the product is so far detached from its price? It seems that beer is seen as being on a par with fast food. This is not good enough. As a world renowned centre of learning, and hive of culture, surely Cambridge at large should aim for excellence in everything. Cambridge should lead the way in all aspects of day to day life, for the inhabitants of Cambridge and for the thousands of tourists that flock to our fair city each month.

I await your response eagerly.

Yours Faithfully

Hugh G Paterson

Our view?

We think he has a point as regards City centre bars, both as regards quality and prices.

What to do about it?

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