ALE Spring 2003 No. 309

The Drip Tray

Latte and Premium Lager not Brown Ale - 1928 View of Community Pubs! - Well, it's only nature... - German flood of cheap beer - Discerning lager drinker spotted - Royal news

Latte and Premium Lager not Brown Ale

The Office of National Statistics latest revamp of the "basket" of goods and services which makes up the Retail Price Index has dropped Brown Ale in favour of takeaway latte coffee, reflecting changing consumer taste. Also in is draught premium lager and out are fixed telephone handsets.

1928 View of Community Pubs!

The Cambridge Evening News's Looking Back column on 13-Feb included this:
Can any reader shed light on this and what happened next? The Golden Hind is the pub nearest the area mentioned (the northern edge of Chesterton) - was that the "answer" to the problem? Beyond this area, the Kings Hedges estate mainly developed from the late 1940s.

Well, it's only nature...

CAMRA stalwart Chris Hutt's Wizard Inns has opened its latest pub, the 1m Priory in the centre of St Neots. The Press has picked up on its innovative "twobicle" or "dubicle": a cubicle designed for two women "so that they can continue their conversations while answering the call of nature".

German flood of cheap beer

From 1st January 2003 Germany introduced new charges to discourage throw-away containers. This caused a Christmas rush by shops to sell off canned beer stocks for a price equivalent to 6.6 litres per euro, around three pence a can.

Intermediate lager blending (lesson 1)

This innovative approach was reported in Mick Lewis' column in The Full Pint no. 19 (North London CAMRA newsletter):

Needless to say, the editor hasn't tried to repeat this `interesting' experiment. But if any readers would like to, then do please report your findings!

Note: this is entirely at your own risk, no liability will be accepted.

Royal news

Carrying on a theme from the last ALE, Prince Charles has been in the beer-related news again.

On the 25th February he visited the Grainstore Brewery in Oakham, Rutland. It was established by his friends Tony Davis and Mike Davies in a derelict Victorian grain store, renovating it into a traditional tower brewhouse.

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