ALE Spring 2003 No. 309

The Grauniad: CAMRA's Zeitgeist?

A review of a review

In an article about real ale (a rare occurrence for the national Press), The Guardian published a review of the Good Beer Guide 2003 by David Horspool.

Reading it is amusing as the author seems torn between following the usual editorial slant and actually liking the GBG and CAMRA. This almost amounts to praising with faint damnation.

On the one hand,

On the other, The writer, like so many journalists, seems stuck with the old image of "beards and woolly jumpers" and apparently hasn't noticed most of the efforts in the last two years to move on to a modern image, as encapsulated in the recent National Pubs Week campaign - "a pub for everyone".

He goes on,

and refers to Anheuser-Busch and organic foods.

Apparently he's more interested in such trendy themes than in practicalities such as the scandal of short measures and poor beer choice & quality, which feature prominently in the GBG and CAMRA's work in general.


Guardian cricket scribe hacks self, launches chat board is another curious case.

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