ALE No. 310: 30th Cambridge Beer Festival Programme

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Foreign Beer

About the Foreign Beer bar

Please note that due to limited stocks, once a beer has sold out for that session it has sold out. It should become available again at the next session.

Rochefort 8
Not as strong as its bigger brother, with lovely flavour
Rochefort 10
Strong, dark ale, massive taste, need to drink with cheese
Westmalle Tripel
Strong, light ale, lots of flavour
Light, hint of oranges
Extremely rare to get this Trappist in the UK

Cantillion Geuze
The sharpest and sourest geuze, excellent!
Cantillion Kriek
Very sour full flavour cherry beer
Cantillion Rose De Gambrinus
90% raspberry and 10% cherry, sour and excellent
Girardin Black Label Geuze
Excellent starter geuze, tending toward the citric
De Cam Geuze
Newest geuze brewer, see what you think
Girardin Framboise
Sourish raspberry.
Hansens Geuze
Return of this classic geuze. Try it!
Hansens Kriek
As for the Hansens Geuze

Ales and other Belgian beers
Duchesse De Bourgogne
West Flanders Red, sour and mature
Witkap Stimulo
Light-tasting ale, with hop flavours, also lightly citric
Witkap Tripel
Tripel ale from this brewery, light in flavours for a tripel
Ellezelloise Quentine
Classic straw coloured Belgian ale, slightly sweet
Ellezelloise Hercule
Belgian stout, yummie; named after the detective
Bieken Honey Beer
Tastes of honey
Echte Kriek
Sourish cherry beer
Aromatic ale, lovely
Saison Dupont
A classic saison beer, with herbs
De Ranke XX Bitter
Hops, hops, hops!
Braiserie De Geants Gouyasse
New beer to Belgium and the festival. See what you think!
Braiserie De Geants Saison Voisoin
New saison beer from new brewery
Caracole Saxo
Interesting ale from this micro in the Wallonian area
Keizer Karel
Caramelly-type beer from a larger Belgian brewery

Leeuw Valkenburg Wit
Classic wheat beer
T'IJ Columbus
Strong, dark ale
T'IJ Passij
May bok with lots of hops
Christoffel Blond
Dutch pilsner, very flowery and hoppy
Maasland De Schele Os
One of the original Dutch micro ales, excellent
Beer flavoured with sultanas and bananas!
Harlem Old Ale
Monster of a new beer
Schelde Schoenappertje
Massive blackcurrant flavour in this ale
Prael Johnny
New beer to us
Prael Andree
New beer to us

Augustiner Helles
Classic German Helles
Augustiner Maximator
Dark monster of a beer, superb
Schnider Aventinus
The dark wheat beer
Mahr Weisenbok
Malty dark wheat beer. Cross between bok and weisse. Nice!
Mulhen Kolsch
Classic light beer, one of the best
Fruh Kolsch
Classic light beer, very popular
Andechs Dunkel Weisse
Cracking dark wheat beer
St Georgean Kellerbier
Strongly-hopped version of Helles, also less carbonation
St Georgean Weissebier
A lovely, slightly spiced wheat beer
Schlenkerla Rauchbier
Beer tasting of barbeque. Absolutely a classic
Jever Pils
German pilsner beer; dry and hoppy
Urige Alt
One of the best alt beers from Dusseldorf
Fuchshen Alt
The other best alt Beer from Dusseldorf
Goller Weissebier
Another slightly spiced wheat beer, nice!
Knitinger Dunkel
Classic Dunkel (dark) lagered beer
Wernesgruner Pils Legende
German Pilsner beer
Krombacher Pils
German pilsner beer

Czech pilsner beer; pale and dry.
Bernard Polofmany Lezak
Interesting-tasting light-coloured Czech beer

Northern French
Delicious biere sur lie.

Availability is limited on the draught, the draught beer will be advertised at the Foreign Bar in the session
Leeuw Valkenburg Wit
Classic Dutch wheat beer
La Chouffe
Saisonish spiced ale from the Ardennes. World classic.
Echte Kriek
Brown-beer-based cherry beer; nice!
Jopen Hoppenbier
Extremely hoppy and refreshing beer from Holland
Augustiner Helles
Classic German Helles beer
Schlenkerla Rauchbier
This classic, from the barrel!
Reisdorf Kolsch
Lovely Kolsch on draught
Urige Alt
This alt on draught! Try it now!
Hartmann Schwazer Bok
Although dark, do not miss this powerful tasting beer
Keesman Hellerbok
Cross between a helles and a bok; interesting

ALE No. 310: 30th Cambridge Beer Festival Programme
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