The 33rd GBG will direct you to 4500 pubs selling excellent beer, 70 of which are in Cambridgeshire. There's also the unique and ever-expanding brewery section with comprehensive info about the country's 600-plus breweries; more than 80 of these have been set up in the twelve months since the previous Guide, ample proof that demand for well-crafted, tasty real ales is booming.

Editor Roger Protz says "Beer lovers are tired of over-hyped national brands and avoid like the plague the bland apologies for lager and the cold, tasteless keg beers produced by the global brewers. Beers with aroma and flavour are back in vogue and smaller brewers are rushing to meet the clamour from consumers".

Britain now has more micro-breweries per head than any country in the world. What's more, regional brewers like Fullers, Charles Wells and Adnams also report increased demand for their cask ales.

Back to the GBG, the pub and brewery listings are complemented with articles about pub heritage, beer styles, the pubs of Leeds and much more. You can get it at most book shops for £13.99; if you're a CAMRA member, come along to one of our meetings and a copy will cost you just £8.50. You can also buy it via the CAMRA Web site.