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ALE October 2017 No. 384

ALE July 2017 No. 383

ALE May 2017 No. 382

ALE March 2017 No. 381

ALE January 2017 No. 380

ALE November 2016 No. 379

ALE August 2016 No. 378

ALE June 2016 No. 377

ALE March 2016 No. 376

ALE December 2015 No. 375

ALE August 2015 No. 374

ALE June 2015 No. 373

ALE April 2015 No. 372

ALE February 2015 No. 371

ALE November 2014 No. 370

ALE September 2014 No. 369

ALE July/August 2014 No. 368

ALE May/June 2014 No. 367

ALE Spring 2014 No. 366

ALE January-March 2013 No. 360

ALE November-December 2012 No. 359
ALE but not so Hearty
17th Winter Ale Festival
Pub News November-December
TWO Writers TWO Pubs - Five Bells at Burwell, Ickleton Lion
Tucking Inn - Will's Foodie Page
Destination Norwich

ALE September-October 2012 No. 358
Taking the fight for the Great British pub to Parliament
The Cambridge Interim Planning Policy Guidance
Pub News September-October
What Has Changed - 4 Cambridge classics
Heart of the Community - Plough and Fleece Horningsea CIC
Border Crossing - Fordham, Burwell and back to Exning
The Big Apple part three - Amsterdam Avenue

ALE July-August 2012 No. 357
Framework to the Rescue
Pub News July-August
Pub News Extra
Back on Our Map, part 4 - Plough, Great Shelford
Grubbing Around - Kingston Arms
A Tour of Derby
The Big Apple, part 2 : 46th and a Pony

ALE May-June 2012 No. 356
Community Pubs Month 2012 - And The Winner Was...
Sun at Last
Cassels Sale
Beer Tax
Pub News, May-June
Back on the Map - Alma, Cambridge
Not Taken For Granted - Queens Head, Newton
The Tickell Returns
Grubbing Around - black Bull, Willingham
More Characters of Yesteryear
Modern Pub Niggles
The Big Apple, part 1 : West Village

ALE March-April 2012 No. 355
April is Community Pubs Month
Ale Trails
Festival Steps Up For The 39th Time
We Go POTY for the Dev
Black Bar
Pub News - March-April
A Walk on the East Side
Back on Our Map - Part 3 - Railway Vue, Impington
Not Taken For Granted - Part 10 - Queens Head, Newton
Grubbing Around with Paul & Jane - Rose, Stapleford

ALE January-February 2012 No. 354
Community life in Britain’s suburbs under threat
City Pubs - Council Gets Tough
Where Did The Characters Go?
Letter to the Editor
Pub News - January-February
Back on Our Map - Part 2 - Boot, Histon
Not Taken For Granted - Part 9 - Free Press, Cambridge
Grubbing Around with Paul & Jane - Red Lion, Grantchester
On Yer Bike

ALE November-December 2011 No. 353
Forty Years Behind Bars
That Time of Year Again
Letter to the Editor
Pub News, November-December
Back on Our Map - Part 1 - The George, Girton
Not Taken for Granted - Part 8 - Blue Ball Inn, Grantchester
My (Eighth) Round
Grubbing Around with Paul & Jane - The Bees in the Wall, Whittlesford
Rob's Trappist Tribute

ALE September-October 2011 No. 352
The Good Old Days
The Great Keg Debate
Pub News, September-October
News from the East, September-October
Not Taken for Granted - Part 7 - The Salisbury, Cambridge
A tour around the pubs of the Kite, Cambridge
My (Seventh) Round
Grubbing Around with Paul & Jane - The Pear Tree, Hildersham

ALE July-August 2011 No. 351
Obituary: John Anderson
Brewery News, July-August
Enterprising Pubs
Pub News, July-August
Oriental News, July-August
Not Taken for Granted - Part 6 - The Boot, Dullingham
My (Sixth) Round
White Horse Clears the Hurdles
Grubbing Around with Paul & Jane - The Navigator Little Shelford
Count Your Blessings - Barnsley

ALE May-June 2011 No. 350
As Pigs Fly By
Brewery News
Pub News
Not Taken for Granted - Part 5 - The Kingston Arms
Grubbing Around with Paul & Jane - Exhibition, Over
(Beer) In Bruges

ALE March-April 2011 No. 349
The Blue is in the Pink - Pub of the Year
Farewell Attila - continued
The Beer Festival is Coming
Carry on Campaigning
Meeting Our Mr Punch
Pub News, March-April
News from the East
Not Taken for Granted - Part 4 - Champion of the Thames
My Fifth Round
Grubbing Around with Paul & Jane - Green Man, Thriplow
A Year of Beer Festivals

ALE January-February 2011 No. 348
Farewell Attila
East Anglia Champs Announced
Ale Fellows, Well Brewed
Lord Conrad's Stately Progress
Pub News
News from the East
Red Lion Roars Again, Kirtling
My Fourth Round
Pemberton Back in the Fold
Three Times a Landlady
Grubbing Around with Paul & Jane - Chequers, Cottenham

ALE October-December 2010 No. 347
The WAF Is Coming
Real Ale - the Rising Star
Good Beer Guide - a Problem of Choice
Pub News, October-December
All Hail the Emperor
Not Taken for Granted - Part 3 - Flying Pig
My (Third) Round
News from the East
Grubbing Around with Paul & Jane - Black Bull Balsham
Poetry Corner - appeciating the Carlton Arms

ALE August-September 2010 No. 346
The Price of Your Pint - a Highly Charged Issue
Beer Festival in your Back Garden - an Essential Guide
The Pursuit of Hoppiness
Pub News, August-September
'Spoons Fork Out on Tivoli
Pub Profile: The Old Red Lion Inn, Horseheath
Not Taken for Granted - Part 2 - the Castle Inn
My (Second) Round
Oriental News
Grubbing Around with Paul & Jane - the Fox Burwell

ALE May-July 2010 No. 345
The Brown Stuff: R.I.P.
Empress Takes The Crown
Vincent Is Our First Champ
Another Great Festival
Pickled Pig Prevails
Co-ale-ition – What Next?
Pub News, May-July
Oriental News
Cambridge’s Cosiest Pub - the Radegund
My Round(s)
Grubbing Around with Paul & Jane - the George Babraham

ALE March-April 2010 No. 344
The Beer Festival is Coming
Mild Month
Another Great Winterfest
A Lifeline for Pubs?
The Brown Stuff: Where have the Games Gone?
Pub News, Mar-Apr
Pub Review: Queens Head Newton Revisited
Renewing Acquaintance
Night on the Keg Revisited
Children in Pubs - the Debate Continues

ALE January-February 2010 No. 343
Portland Arms Reprieve
OFT – The Battle Goes On
The Brown Stuff: Action is Essential!
The Brown Stuff: Shutting the Gate After the Horse Has Bolted
Pub News, Jan-Feb
The Devonshire Arms
The Green Man Is Back - Grantchester
A Plug for the Bath House
Thai'd Houses!
Letter to the Editor - Babies & Children
Grubbing Around with Rosie - Carlton Arms
Weekend Delirium in Brussels

ALE November-December 2009 No. 342
Real Beer is the Best
The Brown Stuff : Fairness to All!
National AGM : Join the Island Invasion
City Pubs - the Losses Mount
Pub News, Nov-Dec
Grubbing around with Paul & Jane
An Un-nappy Experience
The Panton Brewery Remembered
The Boys on Tour! – The Peak District

ALE August-October 2009 No. 341
The Brown Stuff : Quality, That’s the Ticket!
An Evening with Everards
Book Review : Cambridgeshire's Best Pubs by Ted Bruning
Pub News
The Sun Rises - The Sun, Waterbeach
Pub Review : The White Swan Stow-Cum-Quy
Grubbing Around with Paul and Jane - The Chequers, Pampisford
Pub Review : The Rainbow & Dove, Hastingwood, nr M11
Ale of Man
The Lambic Monster gets to Prague

ALE June-July 2009 No. 340
LocAle Launched
Beer Festival Breaks Records
The Brown Stuff : Taking Stock of the Situation
Greene King’s Kambridge Kull (Kancelled)
Pub News, June-July
Letter to the Editor : Waggon & Horses Correction
Catching Up
mALE and femALE visit the Globe
GWA Revisited
Pressing Investigation
Grubbing Around with Paul and Jane

ALE April-May 2009 No. 339
The Festival Is Coming
White Horse First Past The Post
The Brown Stuff : Stella Artois Tops The Poll!
National Noodlings
News of the Brews
Pub News, April-May
Best Pubs - Twenty Years On
Pub Review : Waggon & Horses, Milton
Grubbing Around with Paul and Jane
Why I'm A Member of CAMRA

ALE January-March 2009 No. 338
Meeting Mr Moonshine
Real Ale Ramblings
Letter to the Editor : Binge Drinking
The Brown Stuff : Binge Drinking , The Answer!
Pub News, January-March
A Stroll Into Town
Rooms At The Top
Grubbing Around with Paul and Jane

ALE November-December 2008 No. 337
Think Green, Drink Green : Suffolk Leads The Way
LocAle Update
The Brown Stuff : Pride in Binge Drinking!
Pub News, November-December
Pies and Pints - Perfect Pear
Unsung Heroes
On the Campaign Trail: Flying the Kite
Grubbing Around with Paul and Jane
National Newsbites

ALE September-October 2008 No. 336
The Brown Stuff: The Parable of Molie
Pub News, September-October
Elvis Has Entered The Building
Red Lion Roars Again
Grubbing Around with Paul and Jane
Mac's Magical Mystery Tour

ALE July-August 2008 No. 335
Big is Beautiful
The Brown Stuff: Cyder, That's The Thing!
LocAle - Drink Beer, help save the planet
On the Campaign Trail: Mill Road Cambridge, part 1
Grubbing Around with Paul and Jane
Central London Pubs
The Boys Hit The Coast!

ALE May-June 2008 No. 334
Bell Chimes with Judges
The Brown Stuff: Disaster Looms!
News of the Brews
Tea, Thwaites, Tiddlers and Toddlers
Grubbing Around with Paul and Jane
The Lambic Monster Goes Brewery Bonkers in Bamberg

ALE March-April 2008 No. 333
The Brown Stuff: Always Keep The Bible Close
Minutes of the South Pidleyshire CAMRA Branch Meeting
Greene King - a History : Part Two
Histon Revisited
Grubbing Around with Paul and Jane
A Pub Walk around Belgravia and Mayfair

ALE January-February 2008 No. 332
Trouble Brewing
Community Pubs week
The Brown Stuff: Increase the Duty on Beer!
Civilised and Binge Drinking
Greene King - a History
Real Ale for the Chop
The Boys Revisit The Beer Quarter
Campaign Trail - The Willingham Wander
Letter: Real Ale Meccas

ALE November-December 2007 No. 331
All Change at the Blue
Bright Future for Real Ale
The Brown Stuff: A Year On!
Coming Up Trumps
Wheatsheaf Reborn
Britain's Real Ale Meccas - One Man's View
The Boys at the GBBF!

ALE September-October 2007 No. 330
Mr George Bateman
Community Pub of the Year Chosen
Local Beers for Local People, take 2
The Brown Stuff: What About the Empire!
Wholesale Committment to Real Ale
The Old Gits London Break

ALE July-August 2007 No. 329
GBBF Hits Thirty
The Brown Stuff: Reflection
Local Beers for Local People
Wensleydale Surprise

ALE May-June 2007 No. 328
The Brown Stuff: Not A Sporting Choice
More To Life Than Leffe
A Night On The Keg

ALE March-April 2007 No. 327
We've A Job For You If?
Beer and Skittles No More
The Brown Stuff: Where Have All the Animals Gone?
An Irked Geordie Writes
The Lambic Monster in Berlin

ALE December-February 2007 No. 326
The Brown Stuff : Beginning and End of an Era
Signs of the Times
The Good Old Days?
Newts Help Save Pub
Pub Review: The Queens Head, Newton

ALE October-November 2006 No. 325
Think You Know About Beer?
The Brown Stuff : Time for Reflection
Deceived? Or not Bothered?

ALE August-September 2006 No. 324
Cambridge Pubs - A Fresher's Guide
Poacher Turned Ploughman
Southwold Revisited!

ALE May-July 2006 No. 323
Britain's Most Unspolt Club

ALE March/April 2006 No. 322
The Mysteries of the GBG

ALE January/February 2006 No. 321
24-Hour Drinking - The Reality
Pubs In Time
Unique Pubs of East Anglia Number 8 : The Nags Head, Bishops Stortford

ALE November/December 2005 No. 320
Winter Festival On Its Way
The Brown Stuff: Sloppy Habits
Flintoff Recommends...
Three Of The Best - Linton
Heritage Pubs of Cambridge
Unique Pubs of East Anglia Number 7: The Painters Arms, Luton

ALE September/October 2005 No. 319
The Brown Stuff: Thank God for Watneys!
East Anglia Regional Inventory
Unique Pubs of East Anglia Number 6: St Peter's Hall, Suffolk
ALE July/August 2005 No. 318
Does Bland Beer Have Its Place?
ALE May/June 2005 No. 317
In Praise of Greene King - response
Licensing '24-hour' and Binge Drinking
Unique Pubs of East Anglia Number 5: The Cock, Broom, Bedfordshire
ALE February-April 2005 No. 316
Beer Quality
Pubs for All
Guest Beers
The Brown Stuff: Wine at the Bar
Unique Pubs of East Anglia, Number 4: The Hand and Heart, Peterborough
December 2004/January 2005 No. 315
In Praise of Greene King
Unique Pubs of East Anglia, Number 3: The Nutshell, Bury St Edmunds
Summer 2004 No. 314
Disability and Pubs
Greene King in the News Again
Hit List Revisited
Unique pubs of East Anglia, Number 2: The Berney Arms, Norfolk
Spring 2004 No. 313
Local Beers for Local Pubs and Saving Your Local
Cleanliness and Friendliness - the key to a popular pub
Unique Pubs of East Anglia, Number 1: The George and Dragon, Foulness, Essex
Winter 2003/04 No. 312
ALE - A History
Summer 2003 No. 311
The Brown Stuff: Beware the Enemy Within!
The Broad Arrow
No. 310: 30th Cambridge Beer Festival Programme
Festivals Past - a history of the Cambridge Beer Festival
ALE Spring 2003 No. 309
Licensing Bill
Licensing - a Brief History
The Brown Stuff: Biting the Hand That Feeds You!
The Grauniad: CAMRA's Zeitgeist?
ALE Winter 2002/2003 No. 308
Quantity or quality?
CAMRA Investment Club
Spring 2002 No. 305
Behind the Scenes at the Cambridge Beer Festival
Public House Viability Test
Autumn 2001 No. 304
Talk from David Waller of Cask Marque
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