The likes of the Booze Britain which offers a frightening insight into the mentality of the binge drinker. Most are well oiled even before setting out, having chucked several supermarket lagers down their throat for starters. Then its onto a hideous cocktail of lager and "shots" until you begin losing control of your bodily functions. At that point you can't go any further, even if the pub is still open, because you're literally incapable of added intake (or you've been arrested).

On this theme, a new study has found (surprise, surprise) that young people exposed to alcohol advertising are likely to drink more. The results contradict claims that advertising is unrelated to youth drinking amounts and leads only to "brand switching". University of Connecticut researchers interviewed over 4000 people between 15 and 26 about their drinking habits and the viewing of alcohol adverts before concluding that young people who drink are particularly susceptible to alcohol marketing.

CAMRA is opposed to the mass marketing of alcohol because we feel it promotes drinking for drinkings sake. Those of us who drink real ale do so because we like the taste not because we want to be trendy or to escape from reality, which are what most mass-media adverts are about. The vast majority of us drink responsibly and make our buying decisions in a discriminating and informed manner, not as a consequence of a crude adman's message.

In the meantime, we urge pub-goers to ignore the media hysteria on licensing and get behind their local at what is a crucial time for the licensed trade. The new regime will in fact make pub-going a more civilised and relaxed experience. You'll have more choice about when you can go out for a drink; the laws also give the police greater powers to close down problem pubs and tackle alcohol-related disorder. Keep on backing your local!