Beer is an infinitely complex drink and our expert tasters will be able to guide you through the plethora of taste sensations which every real ale offers you. However, although these tastings will be educational, they'll also be entertaining - and at the very least you'll get to drink some great beers (no spitting out at beer tastings!).

The sessions are as follows:

Monday 22 May, 7pm - Woodforde's beers (with the Head Brewer). Woodforde's of Norfolk brew a huge selection of beers from Mild to Barley Wine, all of them top-notch examples of the brewer's art.

Tuesday 23 May 7pm - Cambridgeshire Breweries - sampling a wide range of ales from the County's eight breweries.

Wednesday 24 May 7pm - East Anglian Beers - again, a wide selection from some of the many breweries whose products adorn our region.

Tickets cost £4 for the Woodforde's session and £5 for the other two and must be pre-booked. Numbers are limited to 25 per session.

Please send a cheque payable to "Cambridge Beer Festival" to Paul Ainsworth, 9 Willingham Road, Over, Cambridge CB4 5PD.