I was incredibly impressed by the door staff and the professionalism of the security staff - brilliant operation, well done. The food was great but please bring back the German sausages. Whilst serving this many people the excuse of having to open a tin of 50 sausages and not knowing if they will sell does not work, so, alas, a lower plus for you. Cheese, bread and ham were great.

Yes Shaun and his team did a brilliant job, light years ahead of the days at the City ground, fabulous and thanks a million.

I thought the standard of food at the concessionary tents was adequate and they had the problem of the ground being so bad.

My award for the best innovation goes to ... Who ever envisaged the new floor, God bless you! It may have taken an eternity to lay, but well worth while.

Best bar staff award must go to the Greene King stand. They were queuing five deep at the other stands but the Greene King bar never had a queue!

The best cider was deservedly won by a Cassels Cider (nice bit of nepotism!) The award to best cider dispenser goes to Jim Cassels, at his last beer festival before moving to where his creditors can't find him, well done and thanks.

For me the best beers I tried were Fenland Smokestack Lightning Mild, Deuchars from Caledonian, and Woodfordes Wherry. A great festival, brilliantly done, but hell, we are the oldest and best, so we should get it right!
Cheers all round

Jerry Brown