The Award is aimed at pubs which champion real ale and are passionate about offering customers consistent quality pints. The Three Tuns is now a regular entry in the Good Beer Guide and I've certainly never had a less than excellent pint there.

What does Chris put his success down to? Well, for starters, the pub sells lots of real ale and healthy throughput means that it never has a chance to go out of condition. Secondly, Chris keeps an immaculate cellar which he proudly showed off to me - it literally gleams. I was intrigued by the devices attached to the casks which turned out to be Filt-a-Cask filters - essentially glorified spiles which prevent contaminants entering the cask by filtering the air when beer is drawn off (CAMRA fundamentalists please note - these are nothing like the dreaded cask breather!).

Whilst I was down the cellar I noted the casks lined up to provide that week's ale selection and a mouth-watering one it was. Chris is a great supporter of East Anglian ales and there were offerings from Nethergate, Woodfordes and Wissey Valley plus a new Oakham beer called Attila. At 7.5% this is clearly an ale not to be trifled with though I'm told it slips down disturbingly easily.

The previous day to my visit the pub had joined the ranks of those that have gone completely non-smoking. This will be good news for the folk who flock to the Tuns for its excellent Thai food.

Anyway back to the Cask Ale Award. The Tuns now goes forward to the National Final so we wish them the best of luck.