Greene King bought H&H in June and have been reviewing the future of the brewery since. Sadly they've concluded that brewing the surviving H&H brands can be accommodated at Bury St Edmunds and the Kimberley site will function only as a distribution centre.

Mike Benner, CAMRA's Chief Executive said, "We regard this as an unnecessary loss. Despite a history of brewery closures, Greene King has shown with its acquisition of Belhaven that it can integrate other breweries into a growing empire. We urge them to follow this approach with the Kimberley Brewery.

"Britain's brewing heritage is being slowly eroded by a seemingly endless string of closures through consolidation and drinkers across the UK need to join us in opposing this destruction."

"We'll be calling on Greene King to maintain the Hardys & Hansons real ales including the bitter. We don't want to see Hardys & Hansons beers being replaced by Greene King beers in the pubs of Nottingham because they are no longer available. Loss of consumer choice is almost always the end result of consolidation."

Greene King is a major brewer and promoter of real ale, but it has to listen to real ale drinkers, reverse its decision, invest in the Hardys & Hansons brewery and promote genuine Hardys & Hansons beers for future generations."

[Greene King have now closed the brewery.]