On therefore to the new Bier Circus, which is just down the street from the old one. Although it's now very food orientated, you can still go into the side area and drink a few beers. The beer range remains excellent, as is the service. We decided to eat and the food is really good, and not bad prices, especially for Brussels. Next stop was the Delirium, just off the Grand Place, which boasts and indeed has over 2000 beers. However, no table service, and just out of curiosity, I ordered one of my favourite German beers. It was out of date, though only just. That is the problem with having too many beers - turnover. Having said that its a nice place, with some interesting draught beers, particularly a beer made with genever (gin). Different, defiantly different!

After a couple in here we headed over to Poechenellekelder, which has upped its beer range slightly and is still a classic bar. A couple of excellent brews were wiled away here before heading off to bed.

Saturday saw us on a bus heading out of Brussels to a village about 10 miles away called Gooik. I digress for a moment here. 10 miles for 5 people (single) for just under 9 euros, HELLO STAGECOACH ARE YOU LISTENING!!!!, i.e 5 people for a 10 mile trip for less than £1.50 per person ! Now that's cheap! Good old Belgians, they don't want you to use public transport ?!

Sorry, anyway we were in Gooik to present the certificate to De Cam brewery as they were the other winner of the Best Foreign Beer at the summer festival. We walked in to the brewery bar, sat down and ordered a beer. Upon asking if the brewer was about we were told that he only comes in on Sundays. Ah. "Can I leave this for him" showing the certificate. "Hang on I'll ring him", and after a quick phone call he is on his way down.

At this point another gentleman wanders over, looks at the certificate and promptly gets on the phone. Next thing I know the local press have turned up! Then the brewer appears and shows us around the brewery . Happy Lambic Monster. At the same time there are a couple of lads playing Flemish bagpipes.

A wonderful and surreal afternoon, but what a lovely place and friendly people, who really care about their local community. I will be going back.

The afternoon drew to a close and we had to head off for a bus. After stopping in a lovely bar on the way back to the stop we returned to Brussels to find, of all things, a beer festival. It turned out to be a small number of German beers in a very rowdy tent, so we headed back to the Bier Circus and then a small bar on the corner near where we were staying before bed. Sunday saw a very mellow day, with a few beers in central Brussels and some sightseeing. Monday was a quick scoot round before heading home on the Eurostar. A very memorable weekend this one.


The Lambic Monster