This is a joint venture between the four local CAMRA Branches and Cambridgeshire ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England). ACRE have run the Village of the Year contest for many years but how have now expanded into the Community Life Awards, covering areas like Heritage, Environment, Learning, Enterprise - and Pubs.

The first stage of the contest is to gather in nominations - which is where you folk out there in ALE-land come in. What we're looking for are pubs which are truly at the heart of their community, whether that be rural or urban. Such pubs are likely to be meeting places for clubs and societies, organise events and fund-raising, and, most importantly, be where local people get together for a good old chat. What the contest isn't about is the choice and quality of the real ales on offer, nor is it about the food served, nor about the quaintness or attractiveness of the interior. The whole focus here is on the people who come to the pub and what they do there.

If you think your local fits the bill, please contact Paul Ainsworth. Nominations from our Branch area and those from the other branches (Huntingdonshire, Ely and Peterborough) will then go through to the judging over the summer with the winner being announced in September.

There is more information about the Awards at