Brewer Chris Shepherd began commercial production from his tiny, 9-gallon brew length, plant late last year and is already finding it difficult to meet demand with supply. Currently just the one beer is produced, all sold in bottles. Kilderkin Double is a top-fermented beer brewed in the Belgian Abbey style. It uses three malts (pale, crystal and chocolate) and Styrian Goldings hops plus muscovado sugar in the boil, all of which give it a full, rich, fruity flavour. Lovers of Belgian beer will find it amazingly authentic.

Chris is selling most bottles through farmers markets but there is a permanent (and rather unlikely) outlet in Cambridge - the bar of the Regent Hotel in Regent Street. It's been proving very popular here with the business people and tourists who generally frequent the bar; one lady from Bahamas was especially taken with it. Chris also supplied 36 bottles to the Carlton Arms' Winter Ale Festival (and only 8 were left at the end of the first night).

Chris's day job restricts his brewing activities somewhat but he does intend expanding his range later in the year. First up will be an ale in the German Alt-bier style followed by a Blanche (a Belgian-style wheat beer). He also plans to move into producing beer in cask so, hopefully, you'll be able to sample his wares at our Beer Festival in May.

Chris can be contacted at