Now my visit to Bunters are not as frequent as they used to be so as to avoid a former Mrs Brown who works nearby, but I was pleased to see that nothing had changed about the smallest pub in Cambridge and that the quality of the ale is as excellent as ever. I was also pleased to see a local pump - someone listens to Mr Brown; Milton Brewery's Sackcloth , is brewed especially for the pub. Bateman's England Expects, London Pride and a very delectable pint of E.S.B. Swing Low were also on offer. I have yet to see Greene King served here so if that's your poison, hard luck.

Hash night is still Monday and it truly is a great night where anyone is welcome. Bunter has really stamped his authority on this old pub; there are the usual catch phrases like "If the beer is too strong, then you aren't strong enough", and he famously only sells powerful cigarettes like Captain Full Strength. Vera Lynn night is Friday when our wonderful English singer's songs thunder out, and there is a special price on your double Vera Lynn and tonic. There is also jazz on a Sunday, no food, no jukebox, no nonsense, no Gregory's Sausages (if you want to know about that one, you will have to go and ask) - a real pub. There is an old well in the cellar that is very deep and apparently goes back to the days when Jesus College used it as a source for their water.

The Rad is also the start and finish of the world famous King Street Run, which Terry delights in telling you involves supping 12 pints in an hour, with no peeing or puking. I was with Terry around 12 years ago when to celebrate Nick Barraclough moving from B.B.C. Cambridgeshire to Radio 2, we did the Run and recorded it for our listeners. There were 13 hilarious minutes broadcast and it was considered worthy of a repeat broadcast at peak time on the following Saturday morning. A great sportsman and follower of our rugby and cricket clubs, especially the University, Bunter encourages his own cricket team that plays matches against the likes of the Queens Head at Newton.

We are unfortunate to have so few quality pubs in the centre of Cambridge, but I rejoice that this little time capsule and pubs like the Champion of the Thames and of course, a little further out, those in the beer quarter around Mill Road continue to thrive. I grieve over the loss of pubs like the very former Cambridge Arms in the days long ago when Les Theobold was the landlord, and the Criterion with Len Thompson at the helm. Our task is to keep what we have got going for many years to come.

St Radegund, 129 King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1LD,
Tele 01223 311769
Jerry Brown