Recent research carried out by CAMRA has found that: Many licensees would no doubt love to oblige and sell beers from Milton, City of Cambridge and other local breweries - but they can't. This may be because their pub is tied to a non-Cambs brewery like Greene King who dictate what beers can be sold. Or the pub belongs to Punch, Enterprise or one of the other pub-owning companies who also place restrictions on which beers the licensee can buy. The number of genuine free houses, where it's entirely down to the publican which beers to sell, is sadly very small in this neck of the woods.

CAMRA is pressing strongly for pub tenants to be able to offer a Guest Beer of their own choosing. Back in the early 90s the Government did introduce a guest beer law in respect of breweries owning more than 2000 pubs. Those breweries ("the big six") proceeded to sell their pubs to the pub companies so the Government scrapped the law on the grounds it was no longer needed. Cue the likes of Greene King and Marstons to expand their estates (both of which are now well over 2000). So - bring back the Guest Beer rights we say.

In the meantime, it's a real struggle for our local brewers to find local outlets. You'll more easily find Milton beers in London than round here for instance. However, a few pubs manage to fly the flag for Cambs beers and we list the known outlets below. Please support them and also tell us of any others that you find.
Cambridge Bluetwo or three Cambs beers from the likes of Milton, City of Cambridge, Elgoods, Fenland
Kingston ArmsOakham JHB, Elgoods Black Dog, sometimes a Cambs guest.
EmpressUsually a Milton beer (though the pub has recently changed hands).
Live and Let Liveoccasional Cambs guest.
Millsometimes has Fenland beers.
Regent HotelKilderkin Double (bottled).
Fountainoften has a City of Cambridge beer or two.
Radegundusually has a Milton beer.
Dullingham Bootguest normally East Anglian, sometimes Cambs.
Madingley 3 Horseshoeswide range of City of Cambridge "real ale in a bottle" brands.
Histon Red LionElgoods Black Dog, often an Oakham.
Milton Waggon & Horsesfull Elgoods range.
Reach Dykes Endtwo Devils Dyke beers.
Thriplow Green Mancan have Cambs beers as guests.
Little Wilbraham Hole in the Wall most beers East Anglian, can be Cambs.
Great Abington Three Tuns sometimes has Oakham.

P.S. There are also sound environmental reasons for supporting local beers. They have to travel less distance from brewery to pub hence reduced "beer miles" and less use of fossil fuels.