What's an Octoberfest?

It's a Festival historically held in Munich which has special beers brewed for it by the six Munich breweries. Although known as a beer festival, the Munich Octoberfest is actually a carnival with huge tented beer kellers.

Our event is not going to be on anything like such a grand scale, but we are aiming to celebrate in our own way.

We will be having around five UK brewed "Octoberfest" style beers with, hopefully a couple at least from local breweries. There will also be a range of twenty other ales to choose from.

We will though, with luck, be having up to five actual "Octoberfest" beers from Germany on draught, with at least two being from Munich! There will also be a supporting range of other german beers.

The event will take place at the University Sports and Social Club, Mill Lane, Cambridge on Friday 19th October (evening only) and Saturday 20th October. Look out for posters soon and more details will follow.

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