CAMRA is going all out to attract 'youngsters' to the ale drinking culture and an article like this could do much to damage their campaign. If I was a teenager, drinking in Wetherspoons, during cask ale week, tempted to give this 'old man's drink' a go, reading Pride in Binge Drinking would turn me straight back to the lager.

Mr Brown's very language shows up his prejudices - he and his peers had harmless "well-earned days off" getting "merry on the pop". All under 30 year olds, on the other hand - and please not he does not allow any exceptions to this age limit cutoff - get "bladdered". Take pride in their ASBOs.

I admit that there is a problem, obviously, and yes it is almost completely young people. But this is a loud minority; they are not ale drinkers, they are not all under thirty and I very much doubt that they drink in the sorts of pubs that Mr Brown frequents. So, what is the purpose of his article? He isn't sending a message to the 'knuckle draggers', he is merely alienating his younger readers and fostering an age divide - asking his fellow CAMRA members to share his disgust at these young people ruining it for the rest of them.

On the other hand I work at an ale pub in Cambridge, and drink in many others. In all my pub experience, I can honestly say that I have had many more problems with drunken 50plus year old men than with the youth that I encounter. I have had one old man, seeing me - a young woman reading on my own in a pub - think that this gives him the license to make inappropriate suggestions and badger me until I am forced to leave. Old men having to be barred because they have a habit of going behind the bars and grabbing a handful of the barmaid. And which pub doesn't have an obnoxious, opinionated or drunkenly boring old man who parks himself at the end of the bar and ruins everyone's evening by being too drunk to realise that he does not have the right to join in every customer's conversation? Ok, annoying but all harmless, you'll say? What about those elderly drinkers who drink four or five pints and then drive home because it was acceptable in the "good old days"?

And just as I know that all 50 plus year old men are not like that - the majority are friendly, welcoming companion drinkers - so I take offense that CAMRA would publish an article suggesting what all under 30s are like.

Buck up CAMRA - let's hear the other point of view. If I'd wanted a biased rant about youngsters I would have given my grandad a visit.

A youngster, and an ale drinker

Jerry replies:

I thank the young lady for her well worded reply and commend her on her insight into the problem.

It is nice to know that our readers take notice of my missives!

Whilst I appreciate there are good and bad in every age group, my point was that a disproportionate of youngsters take pride in binge drinking.

I am glad she values the qualities of "God's own beverage", and long may she continue to serve it and enjoy it.

I take her point about the behaviour of some of the over 50s, but can assure her none of my buddies would behave in this manner and, again, it would be frowned on by all of us.

This problem will not go away, so it is up to responsible journalists like myself to highlight these problems to try to change things and a necessity for CAMRA to air them.

Carry on reading the bible!