Talking of Ely their own beer festival is growing in size and their seventh one was very well attended. It was good to see many of the people from that branch helping us at our own festival

On the opening day of our festival I met Fil Utting Brown a partner in In & Out Inns, (, East Angliaís leading outside bar company. He has just taken over the chair of the Ely branch and I wish him well. A very wise selection by our comrades in Ely.

It seems a while since the latest and hopefully last budget from that hated scoundrel Alistair Darling, todayís answer to Doctor Beeching. I fear the figure is now 7 pubs a day going out of business, and by the end of the year it will be 10. I canít understand how we are taking this dreadful slaughtering of our heritage on the chin. The French would be rioting down the Champs Elyses by now!

I feel it is essential that the pub trade somehow gets representation in that den of rogues the House of Commons.

Congratulations to those wonderful pubs The Red Lion, Histon and the Cambridge Blue, Gwydir Street, Cambridge on their recent beer festivals. All the beer showed incredibly well and there are more really good beer festivals coming up. The Blue are having another one between 23rd & 28 June with over a 100 beers and ciders! There will be the Histon beer festival in September, as will the Boot at Dullingham who will have around 20 beers on show. As this bulletin hits the pubs, as part of the Shelford Feast they will be holding their 3rd beer festival on July 11 between 12 noon and 5.30 pm with at least 25 and possibly 30 well kept beers and Pickled Pig and Cassels cider. Entrance is free and there will be the sound of the Floozies entertaining the thirsty drinker all afternoon.

We are very blessed by so many of our pubs all over the county doing their bit with beer festivals. We are also lucky to have a wealth of micro-breweries and the beer festivals are a shot in the arm for this thriving side of the trade.

Recently at the Eel day celebrations in Ely In & Out Inns had 7 different beers all from Wissey Valley and Cambridge Moonshine. The Eel Catcher from Wissey was the most popular and very good but my favourite was the Thundermoon from Moonshine lovely and hoppy and a great weight coming in at 3.9%. It was curious to realise that many people had not heard of these breweries and a credit to them that the beer out sold the lager by 7 pints to one.

Finally congratulations are due to Jethro and Terri at the Cambridge Blue who will be tying the knot in July,

Jerry Brown