The Globe on Hills Road Cambridge is not the sort of pub that I normally frequent. Any pub with more than one television is a no-no in my book, especially if those televisions are blaring out the ear-splitting drone of MTV. However, in the case of the Globe I am prepared to overlook this one glaring fault. Why? Well, because the Globe has a charm and charisma to it that is sadly lacking from a lot of town pubs (and is in especially short supply on the arterial Hills Road/Regent Street route that bisects Cambridge).

The pub has a lived-in feel, the bar staff are friendly and welcoming and there is a palpable sense of community emanating from the locals who are invariably chatting around the bar. On my last visit I had a particularly tasty pint of Batemans XXXB but I normally opt for the equally flavoursome Black Sheep Bitter. The quality of the ale can vary in the Globe but it is generally well kept and there are normally at least two to choose from. So, next time you are heading back into town from the train station, why not stop off for a pint and some lively conversation in the Globe Ale House. It probably won’t change your life, but it might liven up your day!


Although it is true that most towns have a pub called 'The Globe' it would be fair to say that none of them are quite like the one in Cambridge. Upon first arriving in the pub you may feel that there is nothing out of the ordinary about the place, the beer is fine, the food is cheap and there is often something to watch on the tv, but stay for a while and the oddities make themselves apparent. A pub is nothing without its locals, and the locals in the Globe are an unusual bunch. I have never come out of this pub without a smile on my face because of something that has happened when I was there, whether it be the strange chat I had at the bar or the even stranger chat when someone came over to me while I was sat quietly with my pint.

A friendlier place would be hard to find, and while not a place I would stay for very long in, The Globe Ale House is certainly somewhere to go for guaranteed amusement and strangely endearing charm.