Stephen firstly harks back to the era when there was no danger of a peaceful pint and a bite to eat in a pub being disturbed by unruly children. Some parents ignore what their children are doing and treat the pub like a kids’ nursery.

Stephen’s main complaints however surround a recent incident in a pub where he was a regular customer and where the behaviour of a particular set of parents upset him greatly. Firstly they sat the child on the bar whilst being served. Then they allowed the child to lie on the floor in the path of both customers and staff serving food. However, the worst was yet to come. The mother then picked up the child and began changing its nappy – all this in an area where other customers were eating and drinking.

Stephen’s protests were ignored both by the parents and the pub management, his expressed concerns about the latter’s inaction leading to him being barred from the pub. He took the matter up with the Council but says they had no concerns because the incident didn’t take place in a food preparation area.

Stephen concludes “children should not interrupt the great English pastime of a pint and a talk with friends – as far as the law to do with children in pubs is concerned, it should be a lot stronger and companies, landlords and management should be in a position to lose licenses if and when there is a matter or problem to do with children”.

I agree with Stephen that changing a nappy in a pub is totally unacceptable and anti-social behaviour, especially as pubs have facilities where this can be done away from public gaze (and smell).

Do readers have views on what Stephen says or any other aspects of children in pubs?