Chris Adomite who took over at the Alligator moved to the Hoops at Little Eversden and carried on with the Thai food. It was not long before the freehold of the Three Tuns at Gt Abington came up, and this is where he and Karen have now settled, and boy, what a job they are doing there! Meanwhile back at the Alligator, Tony’s son Mark and the beautiful Angela have carried on the family tradition by building a brilliant business, and, yes, Noi has come back to work for them. My buddy John Doviak, bon viveur, and world business man reckons the ingredients in Noi’s food are really fresh and the nearest thing to authentic Thai food.

Now Mr Brown is on record of pronouncing that anyone who takes on a second pub seriously needs their head examining. The equation is simple, two pubs = three times the work, but Mark and Angela have taken on the Three Horseshoes at Harston turning it back into a pub after three disastrous attempts by previous people to turn it into a restaurant. I was invited down to help them try a new line in Thai wine, Monsoon Valley, and yes the BBC wine consultant gave it his full backing! Yours truly, in his other capacity of being the most honourable of Town Criers, pulled the first pint in a truly well appointed pub, and again, they are serving Thai food. Early reports sound very good. The décor is contemporary and has yet to get a proper pub feel but Mark will manage it, and it really is a great boost for Harston.

The Navigator is a wonderful old low beamed pub that has managed to incorporate a pub feel whilst serving top food. Angie is at the helm most of the time here, and this lovely old pub is a delight. It used to be called the Plough but due to another Plough in Gt Shelford, the late and great Archie Maclaren changed its name to the Navigator, Archie having been a keen sailor.

The Three Tuns at Gt Abington is superbly run by Chris and Karen, and again there is wonderful food plus a great mix of regular drinkers and a warm welcome with constantly changing guest beers. There is not the pong you often get in food-styled pubs mainly due to the atomiser that takes food smells away.

So if you are looking for great Thai food, look no further than South Cambridgeshire, it’s the only place to go!

Jerry Brown

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