Hey, not so. I was once hauled before the managing editor of a local radio station for only mentioning the pubs I go to I told her, “I’m sorry until they put a search fee into the budget, this is the only way I can work”. The wonderful Queens Head at Newton is timeless. My great buddy John Doviak visited it for the first time in around 1967, about the same time as me. He and I will tell you that, apart from the prices, nothing much has changed.

I have to say the consistency of the food there is incredible, with Juliet, the landlady, being the brains behind the wonderful soups. No one knows the contents; they vary in colour and there is even a colour chart as part of the menu! I have jokingly said that since the smoking ban, without the butts going in, it is not the same! The sandwiches are fantastic, the Short family motto seeming to be “keep it simple and it will work”.

The pub has been in the family since the early 1960s David Short, who took over from his father Harry, has been joined as licensee by his son Robert, and as there is a grandson recently born, it is likely that the line will continue. The one major change is that the beer poured straight from the barrel has improved due to the chiller for the lager being moved to the cellar. Adnams beers are the order of the day, with Broadside and a constantly changing Adnams seasonal on offer.

This is very much the community centre of the village with every aspect of the Newton village social scene being enthusiastically endorsed by the pub. They hold curry nights, support the local pantomime, host the local cricket team and put their shoulders to the wheel for the firework events and make everyone feels welcome.

It also has to be said that there are people going in there from all over the globe, but that tends to be mostly at lunchtime. My American cousin Cliff comes to help at The Shelford Feast each year and the first stop on the way home has to be in Newton. Elsewhere in this edition of Ale, you will read about the games room. This wonderful old pub is brilliant in representing the quality that should be in every village. They put up with me taking in a menagerie of my animals, dogs indeed being welcome. I used to take the Springer, Dottie, in and she loved the scraps from the fantastic sandwiches. Baggie the cat, and Mollie the house rabbit, have always been made to feel welcome.

It’s great to know in a world where everything is so wrong, certain things continue...
Long live ...
The Queens Head at Newton!
Jerry Brown