Oh, many bounds Iíve beaten well,
And many more Iíll drub,
But through this maze Iíll take the ways
That lead me to the pub

Where worries may be left behind,
Where lifeís despair may fail,
Where peace has smiled on pints of mild
And blessed the winter ale.

Where folk may laugh, where folk may spend
A moment free from fear,
Where smiles may bless a game of chess
Beside two pints of beer.

And in my mind I see the bar,
The beersí familiar names!
The window seat where old men meet,
Where children play their games!

Where still youíll find a Sunday lunch
On Sunday afternoon,
And Godís own pie, denoted by
A number on a spoon.

Oh, many weary miles Iíve trod,
All filled with lifeís alarms,
But in my brains it still remains
My local Carlton Arms.