CAMRA has certainly won the main battle and real ale continues to grow in popularity within a beer market that's in overall decline. However, much remains to be done to protect the interests of those of us who love to drink good beer in good pubs. The biggest concern, of course, is the pub itself, with community locals closing at the rate of 30 a week. In Cambridge city alone we've lost 16 pubs since 2002.

Each year, every CAMRA Branch selects three campaigning goals to pursue over the coming months. ALE readers, CAMRA members or not, can help us achieve ours.

Objective one for 2011 is to run a successful, high profile Local Pubs Week, aimed at raising public awareness of our pubs and encouraging more people to visit more of them more often. The Week takes place from Monday 20 June to Sunday 26 June. The main themes will be that there are pubs out there to suit everyone and that the pub is the original and still the best social networking site. Among the events we're planning are:

We'll be writing to all licensees at the end of March inviting them to join in. Anyone else who would like to get involved, or who has good ideas about what to do during the week, please contact the Editor.

Our second goal is to adopt CAMRA's National Beer Scoring Scheme. How this works is that every time a CAMRA member visits a pub, they score the beer for quality between 0 (undrinkable) and 5 (perfection). You then submit the score by visiting Submission takes a matter of seconds and the system automatically aggregates the scores for each pub. The main advantage to the Branch from having this information is that it will greatly assist in selecting pubs for the Good Beer Guide selection will be primarily based on year-round monitoring of beer quality by (hopefully) lots of different members.

You must be a CAMRA member to take part, so if you are, please do. If you're not, why not? For just £20 a year you get a monthly newsletter, a quarterly magazine, free or reduced entry to our beer festivals, discounts on books (including the Good Beer Guide) and £20 worth of real ale vouchers to use in Wetherspoons pubs so you get your dosh back anyway!

Goal three is to compile a complete and detailed on-line guide to all 233 pubs in the Branch area. Our last (hard copy) pub guide came out in 2002 and was soon out of date in the fast-changing world of local pubs. An on-line guide makes a lot of sense, not least because it can be continuously updated. And increasingly, of course, this is how people prefer to access information. We will, though, need help with surveying the pubs so if you're willing to assist on this project, again please contact the Editor.