Brenda and husband Bruce first got involved with the Festival in the mid-80s through their role as St John's Ambulance volunteers. Someone had cut their finger preparing staff lunches and (for shame) no plasters could be located. A call went out to a first aid training company to order up a suitable kit and the person at the other end asked if we also wanted St Johns on site. On being told yes the answer was “I'll see what we can do but probably won't be able to get anyone until the evening”. Brenda and Bruce arrived 40 minutes later. They obviously liked what they saw as they were soon CAMRA members and heavily involved in all aspects of the Festival – indeed Bruce was Festival Organiser for several years. Brenda's illness was a sadly long one but that in no way stopped her playing a full part in recent Festivals. Perhaps the best way to pay tribute to this amazing lady is to hear the words of two colleagues: And so say all of us.