Seven Stars, Newmarket Road
Very quiet at 4.20pm. They normally sell Greene King IPA on handpump but it was temporarily off. As the Guinness pump only dispensed pints, Ali settled for a half of Stella not a great start. The pub was however happy to receive a supply of ALEs.
Corner House, Newmarket Road
A fair bit busier and a better populated bar counter too three handpulls dispensing Moorhouses Premium Bitter, St Austell Proper Job and Oakham Inferno (a very non-Greene King line up for a GK pub). Ali's Inferno was in fine fettle. The landlord is evidently very keen on his real ales and was also pleased to be getting ALE. He said that the pub gets especially busy for the regular gigs here but the food also brings folk in.
Bird, Newmarket Road
The former Bird in Hand is nowadays focused on the gay community though welcoming to all. The brief dalliance with Milton beers here is over and Greene King IPA is now the sole cask beer. Landlord Steevo pointed out a certificate on the wall proclaiming they sold a range of good quality beers though Ali doesn't report if he intends to pursue this. Again, ALE was well received and put on display.
Man on the Moon, Norfolk Street
This Punch pub wasn't open when Ali called at 5.30pm but he gained entry in order to press some ALEs on the licensee, which wasn't a problem. One of the handpumps was serving Shepherd Neame Spitfire, the clip on the other being turned round.
Wrestlers, Newmarket Road
Ali now had to retrace his steps past all the previous pubs as the Wrestlers doesn't open on Saturdays until 5pm so hadn't been available as a starting point. When he arrived at 6pm, a dozen or so customers were in residence. He was greeted by no less than seven handpumps in this Charles Wells pub, serving Wells Eagle and Bombardier, Adnams Broadside, Hook Norton Old Hookey, Black Sheep Bitter, Wadworth Swordfish and Youngs London Porter. Ali tried the last and was well impressed. As with all the other pubs, ALE was gratefully received.
So, to all these pubs, welcome to the ALE fold!