Every year beer tax increases by 2% above inflation meaning your pint in the pub costs you 5-10p more. This mounting pressure is contributing to the closure of 16 pubs every single week.

CAMRA is calling all beer drinkers and pub goers to sign an online e-petition today by visiting www.camra.org.uk/saveyourpint.

We need 100,000 signatures to trigger a high profile Parliamentary debate and put pressure on the Government ahead of Budget 2013.

To stand a chance of doing this we need your help in reaching as many people as possible. So please sign the petition and then spread the word.

CAMRA also has free material to take down your local and join the campaign. Email claire.cain@camra.org.uk to order free beer mats and posters. One pubs pack contains 5 x A4 posters and 100 beer mats, please let Claire know how many pubs packs you would like.

With around 1 on every pint going to the Treasury in beer duty and VAT, it's time to save your pint and call time on the beer duty escalator!