So what have we got planned out so far for you lovely people? For starters we have worked hard to equal, if not better, our amazing beer and cider selection from last year with added perks for everyone. We have organised a special appearance of the welsh Black Dragon cider, a Milton brewery special, and a few more key kegs to add to our foreign beer bar as well as lots of beers making their first appearance at a Cambridge festival.

That isn't all though of course! Last year I told you we wanted to promote the atmosphere as well as the beer and so this year the message is the same but with an added twist. The atmosphere last year was amazing and I want to personally thank all that made it possible, staff and you lovely drinkers alike, but now I have a challenge for you. This year I want to promote Real Ale to those that don't think it is the right taste for them. We are having a brilliant collection of Porters at the Winter Ale Festival, which we are hoping to tempt people to try and love. Porters are a dark spicy, slightly chocolaty flavoured beer that are often overlooked but in my opinion are especially tailored to people who don't usually like the bitter flavour of beer. Basically I am pushing to see more lovely ladies at my beer festival to enjoy the aspects that I, and my deputy organiser especially, do...I mean chocolaty-flavoured beer!

Finally as a special treat for those of you who join us every year we are creating a series of collectible logos on our festival glasses, this year will be the first of a five piece collection finishing with the 21st Winter Ale festival in 2017.

So come on down to the University Social Club between the 17th and 19th January and join me for a porter and a chat, and if you weren't there last year maybe a good excuse!

Nicola Evans-Bailey