Indignant? Appalled? Ripped Off?

If you are unhappy about the service you get in a pub, off-licence, supermarket etc. you will probably shrug, accept it and resolve not to go there again. If you encounter, for example, short measure, misleading listing of products, lack of a price list, etc. you really should act positively.

Your local Trading Standards Office is pleased to help.....

CAMRA often comments on issues of fair trading or weights and measures when discussing issues such as the legal requirement for publicans to display a price list, or the absurd current legal situation with regard to short measure or misleading dispense.

If you would like further guidance on these (or other trade related issues, including food hygiene and labelling) contact Trading Standards Service. Provided by Cambridgeshire County Council, they exist specifically to assist with enforcement and give guidance within a wide range of issues.

Web: Cambridgeshire County Council : Trading Standards


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