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32nd Cambridge Beer Festival

Beer List

These are the beers that have arrived so far. Not every beer will be available during every session. If a cask end sign is on show (with a price showing), then the beer is on sale. Descriptions of the beers within this programme are derived and adapted from various sources including the Good Beer Guide, Web sites, the breweries themselves and our cellar staff who ordered the beers.

The Good Beer Guide is on sale at our products stall and is considered by many beer drinkers to be the Bible for British beer drinkers.

To help you select your beers we have included some points of interest including the brewery's location and the year it started production.

We again feature Cambridgeshire beers by grouping them together on their own bar. We have this year also grouped together beers from the rest of East Anglia.

Last updated Sun 22-May-2005

Cambridgeshire Bar

Cambridge Moonshine (Cambridge) 2004
Mulberry Whale 4.0%
A smooth-tasting bitter with hop notes. Champion beer of the 31st Cambridge Beer Festival - not bad for the brewery's first ever brew.
Red Watch 4.5% (N)
Ruby coloured, rich fruity-tasting beer with malt undertones. Another festival brew. You may need another one to decide which flavour you prefer!
Blue Watch 4.7% (N)
Light red in colour, this is a refreshing summer ale. Blueberries are used in the brewing. Festival Beer.

City of Cambridge (Chittering, Cambridgeshire) 1997
Jet Black 3.7%
Chocolate roast mild and mellow taste with hints of nuts and roast barley.
Boathouse Bitter 3.8%
Full-bodied bitter citrus and floral hop notes leading to a gentle finish.
Flamin' Ale 4.1% (N)
Light gold refreshing hoppy bitter with some citrus notes and a lingering finish. Specifically brewed for this festival.
Parkers Porter 5.3%
Reddish brew with impressive roast notes and some bitterness.

Elgood (Wisbech, Cambridgeshire) 1795
Black Dog Mild 3.6%
Bitter sweet mild, malty aroma, dry finish. Featured at the festival last year and highly recommended by one of our cellar managers.
Cambridge Bitter 3.8%
Tawny session ale; malty with underlying hop notes and toffee flavour in the finish. Last featured at the festival in 2002.
Station Officers Folly 4.2% (N)
Golden brown, full-bodied bitter - hoppy throughout but well-balanced. Specially brewed for the festival.
Winter Warmer 7.5% (N)
A warming sweet beer with a lingering finish. This one has been kept in cask for us since January or before.

Fenland/Isle of Ely (Little Downham, Cambridgeshire) 1997
St Audrey's 3.9%
Session bitter with hop flavours and subtle fruit notes throughout. Featured at last year's festival.
Babylon Banks 4.1% (N)
Dark beer, smooth and well-hopped, rich fruit berry notes.
Sparkling Wit 4.5%
Refreshing wheat beer. Just the ticket for a barbecue here or at home. Featured at last year's festival.
Skullion Porter 4.6% (N)
Malt chocolate notes with a hint of fruit. Dry-hopped with First Gold hops. New Porter beer brewed with the help of one the cellar managers.

Hereward (Ely, Cambridgeshire) 2003
Porta Porter 4.6% (N)
Full-bodied full-flavoured malty beer with chocolate roast notes throughout. Named after the entrance to the old Ely monastery.
St Ethelreda's Golden Bitter 5.2% (N)
Bitter with fruit hints and some dryness in the finish.

Milton (Milton, Cambridgeshire) 1999
Minotaur 3.3%
Full-bodied beer; rich chocolate notes with underlying hints of vanilla and liquorice. Last at the Festival in 2002.
Pegasus 4.1%
Clean tasting bitter with hop notes, a hint of toffee and a lingering finish. At the festival last year.
Cyclops 5.3%
Rich hoppy aroma, with hop and malt notes throughout plus some floral hop tones. Last at the festival 2003.
Byblos 6% (N)
Malty rich stout. A good mix of malt and hop notes throughout.

Oakham (The Brewery Tap, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire) 1993 *
JHB 3.8%
Multi-award-winning hoppy ale, with some fruitiness and a dry finish.
Inferno 4.0% (N)
Light igniting ale with complex fruit notes and a dry bitter smooth finish.
White Dwarf 4.3%
Full-bodied wheat beer with citrus notes. The finish is mainly dry but has some sweetness. Featured at last year's festival.
Harlequin 4.9%
Bitter with citrus fruit notes and a lingering bitter finish. Dangerously drinkable. Last featured in 2003.

Ufford Ales (The White Hart, Ufford, Cambridgeshire) 2005 * (N)
New Found Glory 3.9% (N)
Brewed using three types of malt and two English Hop varieties.

East Anglia Bar - Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

Adnams (Southwold, Suffolk) 1890
Explorer 4.3%
A hoppy bitter with a dry finish. Seasonal beer launched for the first time in 2004.
Regatta 4.3%
Pleasantly malty with a very long finish.

B&T (Shefford, Bedfordshire) 1981
Black Dragon Mild 4.3% (N)
Malty throughout and with a higher gravity than normal milds.
Dragonslayer 4.5%
Straw coloured bitter; slight hop notes with malt undertones. It was last featured in 2001.

Banfield (Royston, Hertfordshire) 2005 (N)
Doubting Thomas 5.5% (N)
A dark stout. Malty with some fruit undertones, a lingering finish and some dryness.

Chalk Hill (The Coach & Horses, Norwich) 1993 *
Dreadnought 4.9%
An easy-drinking beer for its strength; little aroma but a noticeable sweetness in the initial taste soon fades to leave a slowly subsiding mix of malt and hops.
Flintknappers Mild 5.0%
A rich sweet-tasting mild. Last featured in 2000.

Charles Wells (Bedford, Bedfordshire) 1876
Summer Solstice 4.1%
Light refreshing bitter, hints of fruit, dry finish.
Bombardier 4.2%
Both malt and hop notes in the taste and a lingering dry finish. Featured at last year's festival.

Cox & Holbrook (Buxhall, Suffolk) 1997
Stormwatch 5.0%
Premium bitter; well-balanced with hop notes dominating the taste. Last featured in 2000.

Crouch Vale (South Woodham Ferrers, Essex) 1981
Essex Boys 3.5%
Pale brown beer, with both malt and hop flavours. Interesting refreshing beer. Last seen at the 2003 event.
Anchor Street Porter 4.9%
Full-flavoured dark ale with underlying hop and chocolate roast notes. Last featured at the 2001 festival.

Earl Soham (Earl Soham, Suffolk) 1984
Gannet Mild 3.3%
Unusual full-tasting mild with a bitter finish; malt flavours throughout plus some roast notes. Last seen at this festival in 2003.

Fat Cat (The Wherry, Norwich) 2005 * (N)
Pussy Galore 4.6% (N)
New beer from a new Norwich brewery - my taste buds are just waiting for a sample.

Felstar (Felstead Vineyards, Crix Green, Felstead, Essex) 2001
Crix Forest Mild 4.0% (N)
Full-bodied, malty dark mild.
Shalford No. 2 4.0% (N)
Good Knight 5.0% (N)

Fox (Fox & Hounds, Heacham, Hunstanton, Norfolk) 2002
Red Knocker 4.2%
Hoppy copper-coloured best bitter, well liked by the pub's locals. Recommended by a member of our organising committee.

Green Jack (The Triangle, Lowestoft, Suffolk) 1993 *
Canary 3.8%
Session bitter. Pale in colour and interesting hop flavours throughout. Last featured in 2000.

Greene King (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk) 1799
IPA 3.6%
Gold Award winner in the Bitter category at the Great British Beer Festival 2004. Light, copper-coloured with a subtle malty nose and just a hint of hops. A light bitter introduction with sweetish malty undertones leads to a long, tapering finish of increasing dryness and bitterness. Last seen at this festival in 1995.
Ale Fresco 4.3%
Seasonal beer.

Iceni (Ickburgh, Norfolk) 1995
Cranberry Wheat 4.1% (N)
Pale wheat beer offering an interesting combination of flavours.
Norfolk Lager 5.0%
Cask-conditioned lager with hints of hop and a dryish finish. Last featured in 2000.
Raspberry Wheat 5.0%
Refreshing wheat beer, with raspberry fruit throughout. A festival favourite. Last seen at last year's festival.

Kings Head (The Kings Head, Bildeston, Suffolk) 1996 *
J J Lemon Ale 5.0% (N)
Interesting beer with obvious citrus notes and hop notes to the fore throughout.

Mauldon (Sudbury, Suffolk) 1982
Micawbers Mild 3.5% (N)
Seasonal mild with roast malt to the fore. Refreshing on a summer's day.

Nethergate (Pentlow, Essex) 1986
Painted Lady 4.2% (N)
Seasonal beer. A hoppy bitter with subtle fruit notes and some dryness throughout.

Old Stables (The Sir William Peel, Sandy, Bedfordshire) 2002
Blaize Best Bitter 4.3% (N)
A festival special. All we know is that it is hoppy and mid-brown in colour.

Oulton (Lowestoft, Suffolk) 1993 (N)
Roaring Boy 8.5% (N)
Strong ale somewhat similar to a barley wine - expect rich berry fruit notes.

Potton (Potton, Bedfordshire) 1998
Shannon IPA 3.6%
Well-balanced session beer with fruity hop notes and good bitter flavours. Last seen at the festival in 2002.
Bunny Hops 4.1%
Refreshing beer with citrus fruit notes and slightly sweet in the finish. Last seen at this festival in 2000.

Ridley (Chelmsford, Essex) 1842
Tolly Original 3.8% (N)
Malty beer with subtle hop notes. An improving copy of an old classic session bitter.
Old Bob 5.1% (N)
Lightly hopped, full-bodied, grainy bitter; hints of cherry fruit.

St Peters (South Elmham, Bungay, Suffolk) 1996
Old Styled Porter 5.1% (N)
Just what a true Porter should be, dark in colour and complex in taste.

Tipples (Acle, Norfolk) 2004 (N)
Longshore 3.6% (N)
Session bitter. Hop notes throughout and slight citrus flavours.

Winter's (Norwich) 2001
Golden 4.1%

Wissey Valley (The Bluebell, Stoke Ferry, Downham Market, Norfolk) 2003 *
Captain Grumpy's Best 3.9%
Session bitter. Malt notes with some underlying hop tones. Last at this festival in 2001.
Peachy Ale 4.5% (N)
Light/straw coloured beer, with peach notes throughout and a sweet finish.

Wolf (Attleborough, Norfolk) 1996
Golden Jackal 3.7%
Well-balanced session bitter; bittersweet both in taste and finish. Last featured in 2002.
Granny Wouldn't Like It 4.8%
Recently Supreme Champion at the SIBA Silver Jubilee Championships. A wonderful, rich malty beer with masses of flavour and a slighty sweet finish.

Woodforde (Woodbastwick, Norfolk) 1981
Wherry 3.8%
Festival favourite, refreshingly hoppy and with hints of citrus and malt. Ever-present over the last eight years.
Great Eastern 4.3%
A golden, pale beer made with a blend of pale and lager malts, appealing to lager and bitter drinkers alike. First brewed to commemmorate 150 years of the Great Eastern Railway in Norfolk.
Nelson's Revenge 4.5%
Pale brown beer which has berry fruit undertones and a dry finish. Last featured in 2003 but with this year's anniversary of Nelson's death, a beer we had to have.

Yetman's Brewery (Yetman's Restaurant, Holt, Norfolk) 2005 * (N)
Yellow 3.5% (N)
Light refreshing beer brewed using Cascade hops; hoppy citrus flavours.
Red 3.8% (N)
Full-bodied bitter, hoppy beer with licorice flavours and a dry finish; Whitbread Fuggles hops are used to brew this.

North Bar - featuring beers from those parts of the country north of Cambridgeshire

Acorn (Barnsley, South Yorkshire) 2004 (N)
Old Moor Porter 4.4% (N)
Malty beer with subtle fruit notes bursting through the roast base.

All Nations (The All Nations, Madley, Telford, Shropshire) 1789 * (N)
Worfield Dabley Ale 3.8% (N)
Session bitter. Good balance of hop and malt notes and some sweetness in the finish.

Anglo-Dutch (Dewsbury, West Yorkshire) 2000 (N)
Tabatha the Knackered 6% (N)
Golden-Tripel-styled beer, fruity, hoppy and bitter, powerful and warming.

Bateman (Wainfleet, Lincolnshire) 1874
Miss Saucy 4.3% (N)
Hoppy beer, with fruity tones throughout. Seasonal beer from one of the festival's favourite Breweries.

Beartown (Congleton, Cheshire) (N)
Wheat Bear 5.0% (N)
Dry bitter wheat beer; initial fruit notes lead to a dry refreshing finish.

Belhaven (Dunbar, Scotland) 1719
Classic Fruit Beer 4.6% (N)
Berry fruit notes explode in the nose, taste and finish. You will see what we mean!

Boggart Hole Clough (Moston, Manchester) 2001
Down the Pole 4.5%
A festival special. Will apparently be a malty bitter with fruit notes.

Breconshire (Brecon, Powys) 2002
Golden Valley 4.2% (N)
Champion Beer of Wales in 2004. Hoppy malty balance lasting into the finish.

Brunswick (The Brunswick, Derby) 1991 * (N)
Watch Ale 4.5% (N)
Produced for this festival by this brewpub, now owned by regional brewer Everards.

Cairngorm (Aviemore, Scottish Highlands) 1997
Trade Winds 4.3% (N)
Scottish Beer of the Year 2004. A complicated beer, offering differing flavours with each sip.

Enville (Cox Green, Stourbridge, W. Midlands) 1992
Nailmakers Mild 4.0% (N)
Malty mild. Chocolate notes predominate before a short clean finish.
Saaz 4.2% (N)
Straw coloured beer. The dry fruity taste lasts into the lingering finish.

Everards (Narborough, Leicestershire) 1849
Sunchaser 4.0% (N)
Brewed using lager hops; light and refreshing, with hints of dried fruit .
Tiger 4.2%
Mid-brown beer, well-balanced and a lingering bittersweet finish. First appearance since 1997.

Fowlers (The Gothenburg, Prestoungrange, Edinburgh) 2004 * (N)
Prestonpans IPA 4.1% (N)
A first for Cambridge beerfest - a festival brew from Scotland. All we know is that it is a bitter.

Hambleton (Thirsk, North Yorkshire) 1991
Nightmare Porter 5.0% (N)
Acclaimed Porter worthy of its reputation; a full-flavoured malty beer.

Holden's (Dudley, West Midlands) 1920s
Black Country Mild 3.7%
Red/brown mild; a refreshingly light malty beer. This has not appeared at the festival for over 12 years.
Will 'O' Wisp 4.7% (N)
Seasonal beer with a typical Black Country taste, more malt than hop.

Hopstar (The Black Horse, Darwin, Lancashire) 2004 * (N)
Smokey Joe's Black Ale 4.0% (N)
Porter-styled beer; black and malty with just a hint of fruit.

John Roberts Brewing Co. (Three Tuns Inn, Bishops Castle, Shropshire) 2003 *
XXX 4.3%
Complicated bitter with malt notes dominating - very drinkable . A beer which has not appeared at this festival for over 15 years.

Kelham Island (Sheffield, Yorkshire) 1990
Pale Rider 5.2%
Champion Beer of Britain 2004. Full-bodied, complex flavours with hop notes dominating. First time at the festival since 2001.

Leadmill (Denby, Derbyshire) 1999 (N)
William IV Strong Mild 6% (N)
Full-bodied ruby mild, with estery overtones, spicy & smooth.

Moorcock (Moorcock Inn, Hawes, North Yorkshire) 2005 * (N)
Garsdale Mild 3.2%

Old Swan (The Old Swan, Netherton, West Midlands) 1840 *
Entire 4.4% (N)
Amber premium bitter with slight hop notes in the aroma, taste and finish.

Orkney (Quoyloo, Sandwick, Orkney) 1988
Dragonhead Stout 4.0%
Strong dark malty chocolate aroma, full of flavour and a dry finish. Last time here at the festival in 2002.
Skullsplitter 8.5%
Intense aroma has hints of spice and berry . Taste has a fruity bitterness plus some sweetness and a slight nutty finish. Featured for the last five years.

Phoenix (Heywood, Greater Manchester) 1982
Monkeytown Mild 3.9%
Malty roast mild. Subtle fruit notes in the taste and finish. Last seen in 2001.
Arizona 4.1% (N)
Refreshing hoppy beer with hop notes throughout then a short dry finish.

Plassey (Eyton, Wrexham) 1985
Dragons Breath 6%
Dangerously drinkable old-ale-styled beer. This was very popular at last year's festival.

Poachers (Swinderby, Lincolnshire) 2001
Black Crow Stout 4.5% (N)
Dry stout with burnt toffee and caramel flavours.

Potbelly (Kettering, Northamptonshire) 2005 (N)
Redwing 4.8% (N)
Hoppy with some sweetness. New beer from a which started brewing in March this year.

Rhymney (Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil) 2005 (N)
Rhymney was once a famous South Wales Brewery until closed down by Whitbread.
Rhymney Bitter 4.5% (N)
Hoppy and bitter with a lingering finish. Seasonal beer just launched.

Tigertops (Wakefield, Yorkshire) 1995
Blanche De Newland 4.5%
Belgian-styled wheat beer. Dry and refreshing with citrus notes. Recommended by one of our cellar managers.

Tryst (Larbert, Falkirk) 2003 (N)
Buckled Wheel 4.1% (N)
Excellent fruity bitter brewed in an English IPA style; lingering finish.

Wensleydale (Carlton, Leyburn, North Yorkshire) 2003
Rowley Mild 3.2%
Malty mild roast notes throughout and some sweetness.
Poacher 5.0% (N)
Premium bitter fruit notes throughout with a hint of something else?

Wentworth (Rotherham, South Yorkshire) 1999
Best Bitter 4.1%
Hoppy bitter beer with hints of citrus fruit and a bitter finish. Last seen in 2002.

Whalebone (The Whalebone, Hull) 2003 * (N)
Neck Oil Bitter 3.9% (N)
Session bitter with a taste all of its own; malt notes to the fore.

Wharfdale (Hetton, Skipton, North Yorkshire) 2003 (N)
Van De Plas 5.0% (N)
Belgian-styled wheat beer. A new beer but we are told it will be dry and refreshing.

Windsor Castle (Stourbridge, West Midlands) 2004 (N)
1900 4.5% (N)
Standard bitter, with a traditional West Midlands taste - more malt than hop.

York (York) 1986
Yorkshire Terrier 4.2%
Distinctive bitter, refreshing and well hopped then a bitter finish. Recommended by our head bar manager. Last seen in 2001.

South Bar - beers from counties to the west and south of Cambridgeshire

Arundel (Arundel, Sussex) 1992
Sussex Mild 3.7% (N)
Dark malty roasty mild with just a hint of hop fruit.

Barum (The Reform Inn, Barnstable, Devon) 1996 *
Barumberg Lager 5.1% (N)
Light hoppy beer brewed using traditional lagering hops. Hints of fruit.

Berrow (Burnham on Sea, Somerset) 1982
BBBB 3.9%
Pleasant pale brown session bitter. Both a fruity aroma and a fruity malt taste. Last seen in 1998.

Blackawton (Washbourne, Devon) 1977
Headstrong 5.2% (N)
Distinctive strong bitter where malt notes dominate but berry fruit notes also loom large.

Blue Anchor (The Blue Anchor, Helston, Cornwall) 15th Century *
Spingo IPA 4.5% (N)
Hoppy distinctive bitter, brewed in some of the oldest brewing equipment certainly in this country and possibly in Europe.

Burrington (Burrington, Devon) 2003 (N)
Parson Brown Wheat 4.8% (N)
Dark for a wheat beer, refreshing with a hint of citrus and dry in taste.

Cheriton (The Flowerpots, Cheriton, Hampshire) 1993 *
Village Elder 3.8% (N)
Mystery beer this - not quite a bitter not quite a fruit beer but certainly distinctive.

Dark Star (Haywards Heath, Sussex) 1995
Espresso Stout 4.2% (N)
Malty stout with coffee notes and hints of berry fruit.

Dog House (Redruth, Cornwall) 2001 (N)
Loyal Corgi 4.5% (N)
Premium bitter with well-balanced fruit notes throughout. A beer we think you will like.
Dingo Lager 5.2%
A rare cask-conditioned lager brewed using lager yeast and a mixture of German hops and a light hint of Pilot. Light golden in colour, the flavour is late on the palate, making it dangerously drinkable.

Downton (Downton, Salisbury) 2003 (N)
Raspberry Wheat 4.5% (N)
Wheat beer. Refreshingly dry with berry fruit notes.

Exe Valley (Silverton, Devon) 1984
Exe Valley XXI 4.3% (N)
Golden beer of floral aroma and zingy hoppy taste which lingers into the finish. Brewed to celebrate the brewery's 21st birthday.

Frog Island (Northampton) 1994
Fire Bellied Toad 5.0% (N)
Amber brew with hints of apple but also citrus notes. Lingering finish.

Gales (Horndean, Hampshire) 1847
Festival Mild 4.8%
Black beer with reddish tinge, hints of fruit and caramel, bitter finish. Not featured for over 12 years.

Glastonbury (Somerton, Somerset) 2002 (N)
Leyline Dark 4.2% (N)
Malty beer with underlying hop notes. Is it a bitter?

Goddards (Ryde, Isle of Wight) 1993
Fuggle Dee Dum 4.8%
Full-flavoured beer; malt notes throughout with hop undertones. Last seen at the festival in 1996.

Grand Union (Hayes, Middlesex) 2002 (N)
Kolsh 4.8% (N)
German-styled beer, complex in taste but deep rich fruit notes.

Harvey (Lewes, East Sussex) 1790
Knots Of May Light Mild 3.0%
Brewed in May for the start of the Morris Dancing season, a light, refreshing, deep ruby ale, with a delicate hop fragrance. Featured at the 2001 festival.
Double Extra Russian Stout 9.5%
A rare beer in cask; complex malty and intense with lots of berry fruit notes. You need a couple of sips to appreciate this one!

Hidden (Dinton, Salisbury) 2003 (N)
Pint 3.8% (N)
Originally a seasonal beer but due to demand now a regular. Hop notes to the fore but underlying malt tones.

Itchen Valley (Alresford, Hampshire) 1997 (N)
Hampshire Rose 4.2% (N)
Golden Amber ale, fruit & hops dominating throughout. Clean tasting.

Keltek (Lostwithiel, Cornwall) 1999 (N)
Myth 4.2% (N)
Complex beer, bitter with hop notes within malt flavours and a nutty finish.

Loddon (Dunsten, Oxfordshire) 2003 (N)
Bamboozle 4.8% (N)
Strong pale ale; malt notes dominate, then just a hint of refreshing hop flavours.

Moor (Bridgwater, Somerset) 1996 (N)
Peat Porter 4.5% (N)
Initial fruit taste, leading to a roast malt taste and a slightly sweet finish.

Nelson (Chatham, Kent) 1995
formerly Flagship Brewery
Trafalgar Bitter 4.1%
Gold with a white head, full-bodied with light biscuity malt and medium-hop flavours and a dry finish.

Newmans (Barnwell, Somerset) 2004 (N)
Wolvers Ale 4.1% (N)
Well-rounded bitter. The initial sweetness gives way to a dominating, dry finish.

Organic Brewhouse (Cury Cross Lanes, Lizard, Cornwall) 2000 (N)
Wolf Rock 5.0% (N)
Premium bitter. Hints of malt and hop; suitable for vegetarians, including vegans.

Randall (St Peters Port, Guernsey) 1868
Cynful 3.5%
Dark subtly sweet with a gentle hint of hop. Buy in the bottle at one of our local supermarkets. Recommended by our festival organiser.
Envy 4.8% (N)
Hoppy premium bitter complex in taste with citrus notes throughout.

Rockingham (Blatherwyke, Northamptonshire) 1997
Fruits of the Forest 4.1%
Champion Beer of the 2003 Festival. Complex beer with berry fruit notes in the taste and finish. Recommended by a member of our working party. Featured for the last three years.
Terrific Pacific 4.1%
A red ale, made with Californian yeast and using three types of American Dwarf Hops.

Surrey Hills Brewery (Guildford) 2005 (N)
Shere Drop 4.2% (N)
Hoppy well-balanced bitter with subtle citrus notes. Lingering finish.

Swan on the Green (The Swan on the Green, West Peckham, Kent) 2000 * (N)
Ginger Swan 3.6% (N)
Pale coloured beer with ginger and other spices to lend a distinctive oriental taste.

Triple FFF (Alton, Hampshire) 1997 (N)
Pressed Rat & Warthog 3.8% (N)
A little too hoppy to be a classic Mild; hints of blackcurrant can be found.
Dazed & Confused 4.6% (N)
Strongish bitter, pale yellow in colour and with a hint of elderflower.

Weltons (Horsham, West Sussex) 2001 (N)
Pride & Joy 2.8% (N)
Thin bitter, often called Luncheon Ale style. This is one for our daylight sessions!

Westerham (Edenbridge, Kent) 2004 (N)
British Bulldog 4.3% (N)
Distinctive beer. Hop flavours dominate throughout and a noticeably hoppy finish.

White Horse (Faringdon, Oxfordshire) 2004 (N)
Wayland Smithy 4.4% (N)

Wickwar (Wickwar, Gloucestershire) 1990
IKB 4.5% (N)
Complex hop notes, flowery well-balanced and defiantly quaffable. Brewed for the opening of the new brewing plant.

Wooden Hand (Truro, Cornwall) 1998 (N)
Black Pearl 4.0% (N)
A dark brown best bitter, strongly malty with an underlying hop flavour.

Yates (St Lawrence, Isle of Wight) 2000 (N)
Undercliffe Experience 4.1% (N)
Malty session beer with a complex taste which includes berry fruit hints.

Young (Wandsworth, London) 1675
Double Chocolate Stout 5.2%
Chocolate notes throughout the aroma, taste and finish. This beer is in fact totally chocolate. What more can we say! Recommended by our Publicity Officer.

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