ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival : Beers

ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival

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Last updated: 27-May-2002

We hope that you find more than one or two that you like. And don't forget to vote for Beer of the Festival. Forms are available from the glass counter.

Ales of Scilly, St Mary's, September 2001

3 Sheets, 4.3%
Scuppered, 4.8%

Arran, Isle of Arran, March 2000

Ale, 3.8%
A pale coloured ale, with hop aroma and delicate balance of malt and fruit and a dry finish; refreshing session bitter.
Dark, 4.3%
A traditional smooth drinking Scottish Heavy Beer: rich aroma of malt and hops with ripe fruit, velvety texture, full malt with a deep bitter sweet finish.

Atlas, Kinlochleven, Argyll, February 2002

Latitude, 3.5%
Straw-coloured session ale with a pronounced fruitiness and hoppiness.
Tempest, 4.9%
A natually cloudy, full-flavoured wheat beer with distinctive hop, citrus and spicy notes to the aroma & palate.

B&T, Shefford, Bedfordshire, 1981

Shefford Dark Mild, 3.8%
A dark beer with a well-balanced taste. Sweetish, roast malt aftertaste.
Edwin Taylor's Stout, 4.5%
A pleasant, bitter beer with a strong roast malt flavour.

Bartrams, Thurston, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, 1999

Joo Beer Lee, 4.2%
Light and dry-hopped Jubilee beer.
Barnless Bitter, 4.8%

Bateman, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, 1874

Dark Mild, 3.0%
Ruby/black mild, with a creamy brown head, a fruit and nut nose leading to a complex mix of malt hop and fruit taste. The sweetness dies, but bitterness lingers in the aftertaste.
Jewel in the Crown, 4.5%
Jubilee beer
Salem Porter, 4.7%
A dry roast, nutty palate, with a rich malty after-taste from the Goldings, Challenger and Liberty hops.

Beowulf, Yardley, Birmingham, 1996

Wergild, 4.3%
Cask-conditioned lager. A continental mixture of bitterness and fruit.

Buntingford, Buntingford, Hertfordshire, August 2001

Hurricane, 4.5%
Watermill Stout, 4.8%

Bushy's, Braddan, Isle of Man, 1986

Ruby Mild, 3.4%
An authentic 100% malt-brewed Mild with a fine aroma of crystal malt and fuggles and challenger hops. Deep red in colour, the flavour is well balanced creating a popular session beer.
Piston Brew, 4.5%
Brewed for the Isle of Man TT.

Captain Grumpy, The Ship, Brandon Creek, 2001

Best, 3.9%
Golden Rivet, 5.1%

Castle Rock, Nottingham, 1997

Nottingham Pale Ale, 3.6%
Golden Royale, 5.0%
Jubilee beer

City of Cambridge, Chittering, Cambridgeshire, May 1997

Moved to Chittering in 2002; beers currently brewed at Mighty Oak.
Rutherfords IPA, 3.8%
Hobsons Choice, 4.1%
A light Golden Bitter with a pronounced hop aroma, contributing to the refreshing bitter after taste. Winner of many awards, including Champion Beer at the 24th Cambridge Beer Festival in 1997.
Drummer Street Stout, 4.5%
Cambridge Festival, 5.0%
A strong, dark mild, based on the award-winning Jet Black recipe.

Cwmbran, Trofaen, Gwent, 1999

Formerly Cottage Spring, changed name early in 2002.
Beer did not arrive
Craw Valley Bitter, 4.2%
Faint hop and malt aroma followed by a crisp, clean mix of malt, hops and fruit in the taste. Bitterness builds, leaving a lasting dry finish.

Crouch Vale, Chelmsford, Essex, 1981

Essex Boys Bitter, 3.5%
A new session bitter, this mid to dark brown beer has plenty of malt and hop flavour despite the low gravity.
IPJ Mild, 3.7%
Brewed in honour of tasting panels everywhere, this is a lovely full mash mild with no "paint" in sight.
SAS, 4.8%
A famously full-flavoured, rich and powerful strong ale.

Dwan, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, 1998

Black Pearl, 4.3%
An Irish classic, a deep, dry, roasted flavour with a hint of bitter sweetness.
Rich Ruby, 4.6%
A fruity and aromatic ale produced by a combination of crystal and chocolate malts with Nugget and East Kent Goldings hops. As smooth and rich as you would like to be yourself!

Elgoods, Wisbech, 1799

(Although only acquired by the Elgood family in 1877.)
Black Dog, 3.6%
A traditional dark mild, with malt and hops well balanced, giving a pleasant aroma and splendid roasted, bitter flavours.
Cambridge Bitter, 3.8%
Excellent, dry, chestnut-coloured bitter.
Double Swan, 4.5%

Faint Hope, Brigg, Lincolnshire, September 2001

Beers did not arrive
Lazy Draymen, 4.0%
Honest Lawyer, 4.1%
Undertaker, 5.2%

Felstar, Dunmow, Essex, August 2001

Roosters Ale, 3.8%
Malty ale with a reddish colour and a citrus, spicy flavour. Late hopped.
Jubilee Ale, 5.0%

Fenland, Chatteris, 1997

Codename Roz, 3.8%
Refreshingly bitter pale ale.
Sparkling Wit, 4.5%

Flagship, Chatham, Kent, February 1995

Trafalgar Bitter, 4.1%

Greene King, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, 1799

Jubilation, 4.3%
Judged to be different from the usual GK - mellow.

Guernsey, St Peter Port, Guernsey, 1856

Pirates Ale, 4.0%
Sunbeam Bitter, 4.2%
Golden, with a fine malt aroma. Malt and fruit on the palate, and quite dry for its strength. A dry malty and hoppy finish.

Heather, Strathaven, Lanarkshire, August 1999

Fraoch heather Ale, 4.1%
Floral, peaty aroma, spicy, herbal, woody flavour and a dry finish.
Kelpie, 4.4%

Hebridean, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, January 2002

Clansman, 3.9%
Golden Hebridean bitter, brewed with Scottish malts, a session beer with a light golden color, plenty of hop and malt character, with lots of malt in the finish. Brewed to make you want more, so go on, give in, you know you want to!
Islander, 4.8%
Brewed with special coloured Scots malt, deep ruby in colour and predominantly malty with robust hopping to match. A perfect drink after a hard day's work!

Highgate, Walsall, 1898

Golden Jubilee, 4.5%

Houston, Houston, Renfrewshire, 1997

Barochan, 4.1%
Smooth and ruby coloured with a touch of roasted barley, rounded with a lingering maltiness and a clean finish.

Iceni, Ickburgh, Norfolk, January 1995

Honey Mild, 3.6%
Traditional mild charged with honey.
Queen's Honour, 4.2%
Straw-cloured Jubilee beer with First Gold Hops.
In the Bag, 4.5%
Made with Goldings Hops, red/golden in colour.

Isle of Skye, Uig, 1995

Red Cuillin, 4.2%
Smooth, malty and slightly nutty; lightly Fuggles-hopped for aroma.
Hebridean Gold, 4.3%
A distinctively different ale, brewed with porridge oats. An ale of exceptional smoothness, with a deep and creamy head.

Lidstones, Wickhambrook, near Newmarket, 1998

Rowley Mild, 3.2%
A distinctive, dark beer, traditionally brewed with chocolate malt.
Session Bitter, 3.7%
Intensely aromatic, straw-coloured ale offering a superb balance of malt and hops on the tongue; an ideal session beer by any standards.
Oat Stout, 4.4%
Champion Stout and Joint Overall Champion at last year's festival, this complex, smooth black stout brewed with five different malts is still the editor's favourite beer in the world, so get some early or there won't be any left!
Rawalpindi IPA, 5.0%
Citrus flavours dominate both aroma and taste in this pale ale, smooth, refreshing beer; the aftertaste is quite dry.

Mighty Oak, Mauldon, Essex, July 1996

Burntwood Bitter, 4.0%
Full-flavoured tawny best bitter with malt and balancing hops, and a dryish finish.

Milton, Milton, Cambridge, August 1999

Minotaur, 3.3%
Rich and very full bodied for its strength. Malty chocolate flavours predominate, vanilla and licorice flavours also surface.
Pegasus, 4.1%
Hops dominate the first impressions of this majestic ale, but the long, fruity/toffee finish shows that this is anything but a one-dimensional brew.
Osiris, 4.3%
Brewed on 4 May by the beer festival volunteers, this crisp, hoppy golden ale is named after the first god of beer.
Vivat Regina, 5.0%
Golden Jubilee beer. Uses First Gold and Golding hops and Caragold malt to produce a deliciously refreshing ale.
Mammon, 7.0%
The epitome of greed. Rich, dark and warming. Specially aged for this festival, it now has a wonderfully complex flavour. Champion Old Ale/Strong Mild last year.

Moorhouses, Burnley, Lancashire, Mid 19th Century

Black Cat, 3.4%
An excellent dark, fruity ale. Smooth and well-balanced with fruity, chocolate and coffee flavours to complement the bitter roast character that lingers on in the aftertaste. Champion Beer of Britain 2000.
Golden Jubilee, 5.0%
Pendle Witches Brew, 5.1%
A faint malty nose leads into a rich, sweetish nutty flavour with a subtle hoppy bitterness. This develops into a delightful, lasting bitter finish.

Nethergate, Clare, Suffolk, 1986

Suffolk County, 4.0%
Formerly Nethergate Bitter, Suffolk County retains the classic Nethergate taste but is not so intensely bitter as previously. Still a fine balanced beer with plenty of hops and malt.
Wild Goose, 4.5%
Seasonal beer for May.

Nottingham, Plough Inn, Radford, near Nottingham, September 2001

Nottingham Gold, 3.5%
Rock Bitter, 3.8%
First brewed by Nottingham Brewery in the 1800s as a refreshing quaffing ale for the thirsty factory workers of the city. Slightly paler than traditional bitter beers of the time, it was the forerunner of the India Pale Ale.
Sooty Oatmeal Stout, 4.8%
A traditional original recipe classic oatmeal stout. Food and drink in a glass!
Golden Royale, 5.0%
Jubilee beer.

Oakham, Peterborough, 1993

Moved to Peterborough 1998
Jeffrey Hudson Bitter (JHB), 3.8%
Delightful, thirst-quenching, straw-coloured brew with a distinctive, floral and grassy hop character on the nose and palate. Champion Beer of Britain 2001.
White Dwarf, 4.3%
Full-bodied yellow-golden beer with a well-defined citrus hop, rounded off with a gentle underlying malty sweetness in the mouth but ending bone-dry with hops holding up well.

Oakleaf, Gosport, Hants, 2000

I Can't Believe It's Not Bitter, 4.9%
Cask-conditioned lager. Will be labelled as "ICBINB".

Old Chimneys, Diss, Norfolk, 1995

Military Mild, 3.3%
Dark with much roast barley flavour, named after the Military Orchid.
Black Rat Stout, 4.4%
Full bodied with much roast malt character.
Golden Jubilee, 6.8%

Old Laxey, Laxey, Isle of Man, 1998

Bosun Bitter, 3.8%
Crisp and fresh with a hoppy aftertaste.

Orkney, Quoyloo, Stromness, 1988

Dragonhead Stout, 4.0%
A truly classic black stout which is absolutely brimming over with roast malt flavours, balanced with a complex hop blend which ensures an enjoyable experience.
Skullsplitter, 8.5%
Named after Thorfin Hausakliuuf, the seventh earl of Orkney, this reddish coloured ale has an intense vinous nose. Rich and satiny in the mouth with a long dry finish and deep rich fruity notes.

Potton Brewery, Sandy, Bedfordshire, 1998

Shannon IPA, 3.6%
A traditional IPA style beer, light & quaffable.
Crown, 5.5%

Randalls, Guernsey, 1868

Mild, 3.4%
IPA, 3.8%
Patois Ale, 5.0%
Amber in colour, bitter and hoppy both in aroma and palate.

Rockingham, Blatherwyke, Northants, 1997

Beers likely to run out mid-festival!
Terrific Pacific, 3.9%
A red ale, brewed with Californian yeast and Cascade hops.
Jubilation, 4.3%
A golden beer brewed with Challenger and Sazzhops.

Sarah Hughes, Sedgley, Dudley, re-opened in 1987

Dark Ruby, 6.0%
A near-black, strong ale with a good balance of fruit and hops, leading to a pleasant, lingering, hops and malt finish.

Titanic, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, 1985

Rule Britannia, 4.2%

Tring, Tring, Hertfordshire, 1992

Jack O'Legs, 4.2%
A combination of four types of malt and two types of aroma hops provide a copper-coloured premium ale with fruit and a distinctive hoppy bitterness. Launched at the 27th Cambridge Beer Festival in 2000.

Valhalla, Baltasound, Unst, Shetland, 1997

Simmer Dim, 4.0%
Light, golden bitter ale.
Shetland Stout, 5.0%

Wentworth, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Sept. 1999

Best Bitter, 4.3%
A truly traditional bitter, deep amber brown with a satisfying malty character. Silver medallist at the Rotherham Oakwood Beer Festival in 2000.
Oatmeal Stout, 4.8%
Dark, smooth, deeply delicious and definitely moreish, this outstanding oatmeal stout has to be tasted to be fully understood. A medal winner at Oakwood in 2000, it achieves its satisfyingly malty flavour in part due to the roasted barley and Golding hops.

Winter's, Norwich, Norfolk, September 2001

Mild, 3.6%
Mild in strength but strong in flavour. Roast tones come through.
Revenge, 4.7%
Golden-coloured and well-hopped for a distinct bitterness with a sweetish finish that makes this a warmer beer.

Wolf, Attleborough, Norfolk, 1996

Gran Festival, 3.7%
A new beer being launched at this festival! See the Wolf Gran Festival article.
Coyote, 4.3%
Full-bodied pale ale.
Woild Moild, 4.8%
Dark, rich and fruity Norfolk mild.

Woodforde's, Woodbastwick, Norwich, 1981

Wherry Best Bitter, 3.8%
Amber in colour with a golden syrupy flavour that blends a well-balanced, classic, creamy bitter. A fine blend of hops, bitterness and fruit gives a light but complex feel.
Admiral's Reserve, 5.0%
An outstandingingly rich and rounded beer, with a warm and inviting reddish chestnut colour. Delicous fruit aroma, and initial sweetness which develops into complex malt and fruit flavours, ending with a crisp bitterness from English Hops. Launched on Friday 5th April 2002 to celebrate the brewery's 21st Anniversary.

Extra beers supplied during the week

Castle Rock, Nottingham

Hemlock, 4.0%

Frog Island, Northampton

Best Bitter, 3.8%
Shoemaker, 4.2%
Natterjack, 4.8%
Golden Hop, 5.0%

Flagship, Chatham, Kent

Spring Pride, 4.4%

Milton, Milton, Cambridge

Electra, 4.5%

Nottingham, Plough Inn, Radford, near Nottingham

Dreadnought, 4.5%
Gold Bullion, 4.7%

Oakham, Peterborough

Mompessons Gold, 5.0%

ALE No. 306: 29th Cambridge Beer Festival
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