Dave had several reasons for the move, but particularly liked the idea of being a tenant running a business rather than a paid employee as a manager. He and Sue also fancied a change in the pace of life, away from the big city into a smaller community. The Plough met all their criteria being small enough for two people to handle but still with potential to do interesting things.

It's been a case of so far, so good, with trade, and beers sales especially, steadily growing. The Plough is effectively a two-bar pub albeit with a wide opening between them. In the previous incarnation the left hand side had operated very much as a restaurant but it now has a proper pubby atmosphere (but not a smoky one - the weed is banned on this side). The right hand bar has lots of airfield-related artefacts and is where the serious drinkers gather.

They can currently choose from Adnams Bitter, Everards Beacon and one or two guest beers, depending on the time of week. On my visit Caledonian Tattoo was in sparkling form. If ale sales continue growing Dave thinks he'll soon be able to put two guests on at all times. He's also keen to expand the range of bottled beers, something the Poacher was famed for. The pub's owners, Everards, have recently signed up with Waverley TBS as distributors so this should afford access to a wider range of beers.

The Plough is very much beer-led but as with most country pubs, food is also important. As well as the regular menu, there is a fish night on Fridays and, from September, there'll be a curry night on Saturdays. The plan for Mondays is to alternate cribbage with quiz nights (prizes to charity).

Dave and Sue are enjoying being part of a local community and have clearly made a good impression. The Plough has had its ups and down in recent years so its great to see it in such capable hands.