At the 2006 Festival around 500 kils of beer (i.e. some 68,000 pints) were sold as well as lots of foreign beers, cider, perry and wine. The festival featured 11 styles of beer, some of which you may never see at the bar of your local pub/club. The planning for the 2007 festival is now well under way and we aim to order the same amount of beer as in 2006.

We are now looking for some trainee cellar managers, who will be trained in the art (and it is an art) of conditioning and looking after cask ales of all descriptions. You will learn how to stillage, vent and tap beer and how to deal with any problems that could arise at the festival. This could range from changing a keystone or re-fining a beer to changing a tap. You will also learn about off-tastes of beer and how this can be caused.

The people who will help train you are amongst CAMRA's finest with years of experience at many festivals of differing sizes. If you want to run a pub in future or work within the licensed trade the experience is one which could help your career prospects.

The fact is that the Cambridge Beer Festival sells more beer in six days than a good number of pubs do in 52 weeks. We will introduce you to brewers and others in the brewery and licensed trade during the festival. You may even come back and work with us in future years - in fact we hope you do as good cellar staff are hard to find - and you will never stop the learning process.

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