But now we want to address other parts of our festival where we need urgent help. Firstly we need a Staffing Crew; this is similar to running what was once a personnel office or as it may be called today a human resources team. The festival staffing officer books staff on and off site for insurance and safety purposes and directs staff to the areas where they are required. They also look after our volunteers' needs such as food, drink (both alcoholic and non alcoholic), storing clothing and so on and act as an information point for staff and someone people can contact in case of emergencies outside of the festival.

It means long days and being on site (possibly sharing hours) from set up to take down, three weeks in all. All this is voluntary and you will not be paid a penny. What you will do is meet new friends and get the satisfaction of working at the third largest beer festival in the country. We will of course feed you and quench your thirst when you are on site. Oh and you will be responsible for producing some of the signs and other associated material required by the festival. The equipment for you to do this will be supplied by the festival.

Membership & Products Stand

Another area where we need a volunteer is our membership and products stand. In fact we would like to divide this into two but haven't yet been able to do so due to shortage of voluntary staff.

This stand helps us recruit members to the country's largest consumer organisation related to beer and brewing. Like any organisation we need new members to help us continue our work. You'll be asked to set up the stand and keep it functioning during opening hours. The good news is that you only need to be on site whilst we are open to the public. Mind you we would be grateful for any other help you could give us during the festival set up or take down. As with all areas of the festival, but more so than in some, you will be CAMRA's public face to our customers.

The products stand is a mini shop selling items like books, clothing and other merchandise. You would need to account for these products as well as selling them. This is a service we're very much looking to develop so would welcome ideas about how we can make the stand more attractive.


Then please contact David Hughes or 01352-763136
or Ron Buchet