The Tour of Destruction also attracted considerable media interest. This involved Branch members embarking on a minibus for the driest possible of pub crawls - all 23 Cambridge pubs we visited had closed since 2007 (that's 24% of the city's pubs gone in just five years). We left a memento at each pub before piling into the Devonshire Arms for the most welcome pint many of us had ever supped.

Our Awards Evening on 23 April is featured next.

We also ran three Ale Trails. Two covered, respectively, Cambridge and Rural pubs which sell locally brewed beers while the third comprised a selection of other excellent local pubs. The Trails ran until the end of May so at the time of writing the number completed isn't known but feedback from the pubs is that they were very popular. People visiting a prescribed number of pubs qualified for a special T-shirt - we're waiting until we know how many we need before ordering them so please bear with us if you're waiting for yours.

Community Pubs Month nationally seems to have been a success in raising public awareness about pubs and we're pleased to have played our part. We're already thinking about next year so if you have any ideas on what else we might do please contact the editor.